Backside Sex

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Doll - March 16

My boyfriend would like to have s_x with me from the back. I am pregnant & scared that when I push during child birth, my r___m might be affected. He says a lubricant will easen the pain and tightness back there


A.RAQEEB - March 28

very bad it is not good weather during perganancy or not .try to be away of it.


dakota - March 30

Speaking from experience, it does hurt,with or without lubricant. I don't believe it would affect your childbirth.But I am not a doctor. You should only try this if YOU are good and ready to. Don't give in no matter what he tells you if you don't want to. It'll hurt even more if your really scared and up-tight. If this is something that you are ready to attempt, I would advise you to use something much smaller at first, (his finger,a small vibrator,etc)then gradually work your way there. Trust me though, it's not as great for the woman as it is the man. If he has a problem with your wishes, tell him that you would like to try it on him first, so he knows how it feels. He may change his mind.


Vanessa - April 1

hell yea it hurts i have done it pregnant but after a while it doesn't i dont like doing it it fells like if i have to take a poop lol


changuita - April 2

s_x from behind only hurts for a little bit. but if you scared and uptight it will hurt the whole amount hes in their. my husband likes it and well i've got to say i like it too. but if you don't want to nobody should force you no matter what. if you feel okay with tring something different go right ahead.i got to tell you that the first time i did that i was scared as hell.but my boyfriend didn't force me at all he told me that until the day that i want to try something new he'll be their and he won't hurt me. we both respect each others wishs because we've only been 1st partners with each other and no one else.hope my edvice helps.


Kay - April 2

It was alright although it hurts like vanessa says i do feel like i am going to poo!


LOLANY - April 2



emily - April 3

its fine if ur partner gives you plenty of time to relax and open up, but i haven't done it while pregnant


haha - April 12

girl i want do it if i was you, if you ask the doctor they say it alright to get in from the front but not back. so dont allow it, but just to be sure get in contact with the doctor.


Sean - June 3

Dont go do v____al after a___l because that causes infections. In my oppinion it could effect the baby.


rose - June 5

very nice


elizabeth - June 10

it will hurt in the begining but when you get comtorble you will enjoy it



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