Best Position To Get Pregnant

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queen123 - January 25

hi everybody i want to get pregnant as quick as possible can anybody tell me the best position and how much time i have stay still after the s_x.plz give me answer in detail. i dont know any thing about it. recently got married. my friends use to say different things i confused and plz tell me about ovulation period also plz plz me. desperatly waiting for detail answer.


yumymumy - January 25

iv heard to lay with your bum up in the air, like maybe legs up on the wall or something for 20minutes after having s_x. i was also wondering too because i usaly go to the toilet straight after s_x because i dont like feeling wet and it soaking tho pjs. do you think going to the toilet staright after makes sperm come straight down and out??.


queen123 - January 27

hi yumymumy ya thats right by going toilet sperm come straight down and go out.try to not to go toilet after s_x if u want to get pregnant ok.


DownbutnotOUT - January 30

after s_x with my dh I would put a pillow under my hips and rest my legs up against the wall and I believe it helped in me concieving that month. really there is no certain position you can do to get pregnant fast but good luck


roxy14j - February 3

There is no quick way to get pregnant. When a man ejaculates inside the sperm then have to swim upwards so if you place a pillow under your bum so it lifts it onto a slight angle the sperm then has help to travel on its journey. Lay there for a while after having s_x so that it gives them time. You need to get yourself an ovulation calender so that then you know exactly when your most fertile time is and just one more thing I read that if you have s_x on your most fertile time there is only like 1 out of 3 chances of concieving. Dont know if thats true or not but just thought I should let you know. I have read a lot of stuff on this as I am trying to concieve myself and have been trying for 3 months. Good Luck


Appie - February 17

Well, I can tell you that I used the pillow method and it worked (I didn't put my legs against the wall, I just put the pillow under my hips)...unless the sperm were just really strong. Also I read somewhere that having the man on top is one of the better positions to conceive due to the angle of which the sperm get inserted at. Woman on top supposedly is not as good as the sperm can "fall" out quicker. "Doggy style" is supposed to be another good one...sorry if TMI.


Appie - February 17

Also..if you know the dates of your last few periods you can approximate when you should ovulate. If your cycle is 28 days and you had your period on the 1st of the month you should typically ovulate 14 days later. Obviously you would need to adjust it if your cycle is longer or irregular. If you have s_x for about 2 days prior to and 1 day after ovulation (the egg only lasts 24 hours, but sperm last longer) the you may possibly conceive. I plugged my dates into an ovulation calculator on the computer and it gave me the dates I was most fertile. I had s_x on those dates...and it worked. Good luck to you!! Baby dust to all!!!



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