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Peaches - May 9

I am 9 weeks pregnant. Me and my boyfriend broke up 2 weeks ago. We're considering working things out but while we are separate, I want to fulfill a long-time fantasy of mine. Thats to sleep with another woman. But I am pregnant so I'm not sure a woman would want me now. And furthermore, I am very shy so I wouldn't even know how to approach someone. Is there anyone out there who has these feelings like I do? I know I want to be with my boyfriend, but this would just be a s_xual experience for me. It would be nice to find someone in a similar situation as myself.


NickieDo - May 9

I think I'd be more worried about getting an STD and harming the baby, than fulfilling a fantasy. I would leave it as just that...a fantasy


milika - May 10

And listen to how u say, approaching "SOMEONE"?? someone means just anyone. It seems as if someone can lure u into doing anything. Because u seem very weak minded. Your not right in ur head. Please talk to an mature adult. And listen and learn. Because u need it. Why put ur baby at risk for a d__n fantasy. When u obvisouly dont know what a fantasy is. Its just an mental image that u put in ur head. Its not real. Reality is real. And reality is now. And how ur gonna sort ur situation out. And not that junk u put in ur head. You just sound so stupid. I hope ur baby turns out alot smarter than u.


Amy - May 10

Peaches...I am a bi female and I am in my ninth week of pregnancy also. First of all, just because you are pregnant does NOT mean that there isn't a woman out there who would want you. Two, just remember that you need to be really cautious of stds whether you are pregnant or not, but especially since you are because you don't want to risk the babys health. Third, people will try to convince you that being with another woman is wrong/disgusting and puts your baby at more risk of stds because its a same s_x relationship...that is absolutely NOT true...ask a health care professional and they will tell you that it puts you no more at risk than anyone else. Four, just remember that it is all a personal choice that only you can make for yourself...if it something that you want to do/try then as long as you are careful about preventing stds and things...then I say go for of luck to you and your little one :)


Peaches - May 10

Thanks Amy. At least someone who understands me wrote back. I didn't ask for anyone else with negative and judgemental comments to post. Because I could really careless what you have to say. I specifically asked if anyone had similar feelings. Anyway...........forget all that..........I do understand the risks out there. I'm not a dummy. And the people I thought about approaching are acquaintances of mine. Not strangers. There are friends of mine who admitted to me they had the same feelings but we just never pursued anything with each other just because of the length of the friendship. And you're right Amy, men can put us at risk just the same, if not worse. I've heard of men giving women I know STDs but I have never heard of a woman catching anything from another woman. Not that it can't happen, just haven't heard of it. I think woman period are more cautious than men are when it comes to s_x anyway. Men are quick to cheat and NOT use protection. So with that said, I see no harm if I decide to go thru with this. As long as I use caution. I was just wondering if there were other women out there that are pregnant with the same feelings as me. Thanks for you comment Amy and good luck to you also!


Lela - May 10

Hi Peaches. Yes, I am 6 weeks pregnant and I've always had these feelings. Never acted on them because it seems like I never ever have time to myself! But I do understand how you feel and the risks out there also. But sometimes you just have to get stuff out of your system and THEN move on with your life. I don't think these feelings will go away for me until I act on them at least once. So I don't know what to do either. And women are harder to approach because you don't know WHO would want to do that with you. Because most women won't even admit it. Its hard, but good luck with your search.


to milika - May 10

i realize you are trying to get the point across that maybe peaches' mind should be focused on the baby - but that's no reason to call her really stupid and dumb - also, you are awfully judgemental for someone who advises for another to seek God - maybe you should ask God to help you be more tolerant - or at least teach you to shut your mouth when you don't have anything nice to say.


milika - May 10

To the person above. I am gonna keep it real. The reason i am so hostile about how i put it. Is because it is an baby involved. And sorry if u dont like it! and peaches is stupid and dumb. And sorry if u dont see it that way. I'm not gonna be nice about anything that i say. Because its about keeping it real. And this is my personality. So please join the loving and friends group. Cause im not here to be nice to a person, who cares more about some d__n s_x scene, than her baby. So u can go and shut it. Because what ur saying doesnt mean anything to me.


milika - May 10

The sad thing about this whole post is, that shes putting her baby at risk for an STD. Just wait until u have the baby at least. And even when u have it, u still need to be safe. Because just finding "SOMEONE" is putting urself more at risk. Especially if they havent been tested. But Peaches u do need a reality check. And i dont think ur mature at all. You should think before typing. Because u would of had the answer for urself. Which i can clearly see that u dont have a good enough brain for that, anytime u cant think about the baby first.


to milika - May 11

yes, we all know you're not on here to be nice and you're doing a d__n good job of it you cow. i wasn't saying that she should go and screw whomever she wanted to and mess around with whoever, i was just saying that you shouldn't have called her stupid and dumb. i really hope you don't talk to your kids this way or else they might turn out like you. and that would be scary as hell. i think you are by far the biggest b___h on here... good luck being so negative throughout your entire pregnancy... i'm sure it's REAL healthy for your baby. Man, do i feel sorry for that kid or what.


Peaches - May 12

You know Milika, I kinda figured you were YOUNG. Because you talk very inexperienced and immature. And the person who said that they hope you do not talk to your kids this way, did not at all say "yelling". Thats how I realized YOU must be young and unintelligent posting on here calling me dumb and stupid. I'm 36 years old and I have book smarts and COMMON sense and I have raised 3 beautiful children already. Ages 14, 13, and 7. You have GOT to be kidding me to think anybody on here will listen to a 19 year old who hasn't even been through anything to be judging folks and giving advice? And like the other person said, and like I said ALREADY, for you to think I am just going to pick some stranger off the streets and allow myself to catch all types of STDs, then YOU ARE ignorant and haven't been reading the posts too clearly. Perhaps you need to finish college first, have your child, raise your child, and then come back here and post something with SUBSTANCE. Otherwise, go on the teen chat boards or something. I don't listen to people that are still wet behind the ears with no common sense and full of negativity. And yes, I feel sorry for your child. Hopefully if they don't do as you want them to do, you won't call them dumb and stupid. God help YOU and your poor soul. And you're not keeping it real, you're giving your unwanted, misinformed, 19 year old TWO cents. Nothing worse than someone young thinking they KNOW what life is all about! Give me a break. Grow up first!


to milika - May 12

well, that all makes sense now... you are a completely uneducated, blabbering child... good luck with everything, but one piece of advice, try not to give out any advice because frankly, even though you THINK you're mature, you don't know a whole hell of a lot.... Peaches, good luck with everything... what you're feeling is completely normal and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it... many people are bi-curious and most people go through that stage of experimentation during college... but of course, our friend milika wouldn't know because she'll probably never get there. I mean, why would she need to go to college anyways - she's an intelligent 19 year old who apparently knows everything :)


to Peaches - May 12

Hey girl. I am 10 weeks preggo and married even, but I have always been bi curious. My husband understands and supports this curiousity. I have only ever been with my husband and I am STD free, and I wish I could find a female I feel safe being s_xual with at least once. I have always wanted to be touched intimately and held and kissed by another woman. I would even like another pregnant woman, as i find them s_xy. It is a shame that we probably don't live close, as I would like to have this sort of no strings attached s_xy physical encounter with a woman with desires like me.


Peaches - May 12

Thanks "To Milika", I appreciate you understanding and backing me up on this. I know this is normal, in fact, I have two girlfriends who admitted to the same feelings. But we wouldn't even think of taking our friendships there. Ya know? And who knows "To Peaches", maybe we do live close? I wouldn't mind being with another pregnant person also. I've had all my blood tests done already and I am diseased free. Maybe we can talk further. U can e-mail me at [email protected]


"to milika" - May 12

hey peaches - no problem! Milika is going to have a fit over this and we might get reprimanded again :) Hope everything goes well with you and as far as the girlfriend thing goes, as long as everyone is open-minded and sets boundaries before hand, it all works out pretty good. I've been with a couple of my girlfriends before and we were all mature consenting ADULTS (unlike some people on here) - so it was great and was not awkward at all. Have fun and good luck! Bi! :)


Peaches - May 12

Well who cares if 19 year old Milika has a fit or not. She's a nobody to me or anybody else on here. She needs to go put on the cartoon network and let grown folks have GROWN conversation in here! haha! Well, I wish you luck also! Feel free to keep in touch. [email protected]


hot mama - May 12

Hi Peaches. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now, and am also bi-curious. I was recently single until I met the man I got pregnant with, and I have some regrets that I did not try to pursue a s_xual experience with a woman then. I don't think you are sick to want to fulfill this fantasy. There are ways to go about this that are safe, and I myself think being with a woman all the time. I feel that it is becoming unlikely that it will be any time soon because I am starting to show.



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