Bi Sexual Fantasies

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tango - August 29

Ok, I am 16 weeks and I have been having fantasies about other women when I'm alone or having s_x with fiance. Sometimes I visualize the other woman to be pregnant. I "experimented" twice in college with another girl but that was almost 10 years ago and I love being with my man. Is this normal? Does anyone else have these fantasies due to crazy hormones?


to tango - August 29

I don't know if it is normal or not...who am I to judge...but I know that I am having serious lesbian fantasies (seeing not partaking) and love now looking at lesbian p___n. Hormones are raging!


JA - August 30

We had a thread about this... sharing feelings and fantasies, but it got taken off. I guess "they" think threads about "salad tossing" and "can I get pregnant by fingering" are more related to pregnancy that this. I think it's a very normal feeling, although my thoughts seem to be going away a little. I'm 28 weeks. For a while, lesbian fantasies were all I could think about. I still look at lesbian p___n now and then. Good luck with everything and realize that you are NOT alone...


Tango - August 30

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. I'm also gland no one called me a male! It's hard for to me look at p___n on this computer since it's shared, so I mostly have to make believe in my mind. I would much rather read about this than tossing salad!!


Caterina - September 2

I am not pregnant yet but I am trying. I don't know if that helps but I have lesbian fantasies too and I tried about five years ago. Sometimes I even feel guilty for thinking about it because my husbang is wonderful to me and our s_x life is very good. Maybe it's because you experimented it already plus those hormones. I think it's that's what it is. I think everybody have fantasies, it's normal.


candi - September 3

Apparently it's pretty common. I saw that other thread too. I knowit happened to me with my first pregnancy, I imagine it will happen again with this one. I was even warned with my first pregnancy that it would happen, little did I know. It hit me hardest in my last trimester. Yes, i was a p___n hound too. But honestly most of it sucked, was geared to men. Maybe they need to make some p___n for pregnant chix, not with pregnant chix although there is ALOT of it floating around. Personally, I didn't have any fantasies about pregnant chix, just specific chix.


yes - October 15



to tango - October 15

Yes i am h__y all the time what is your fantasies what would u do to me


S - October 15

Wow, I tought I was`s nice to hear that others have those feelings... I still desire my boyfriend, but my hormones are insane and I have lesbian fantaisies like crazy. Being pregnant is so sensual... [email protected]


unknown gal - October 17

i know how you fee!! I was joking around on the web with my friend and we fell on this lesbian p___n site. Now i can't stop looking at it!! Lesbian p___n is addictive!


Natalie - October 17

Ya it is addictive! I have a boyfriend (i'm 15) and whenever were making out, sometimes i think of lesbians. It's really weird. But i know i love my bf to death!


S - October 18

I feel a lot better knowing I am not the only one with theese toughts... If anyone wants to talk and feel more normal, write me [email protected]


Meah - October 19

Yeah, I remember the other thread about this. And I guess it IS more common than I thought. Even my girlfriend of 11 years just admitted to me she is curious and I admitted the same thing. I am 32 weeks pregnant now. I feel so fat and ugly though but wish some woman would just USE me up before I have this baby! haha!


madison - October 21

I have these fantasies to. I thought I was losing it. I love looking at lesbian s_x photos. I am really glad that I am not alone. Why would pregnancy do this to a women?


S - October 21

Maybee it's our hormon wanting more sensuality ... and women are sometimes more sensual than men. For me, I think I might be attracted to a pregnant women because of the energy we have and the fact we are so much more aware of our body and sensitive places to touch...


Meah - October 24

Yeah I agree, we know what turns ourselves on and how to play with our own c___ts. So we could probably give each other better orgasms than a man could give. But I have YET to find out.


B - October 26

I don't know if it's because I'm preggo, I was always kinda attracted to women, never had the opportunity to try it, I'm a very s_xual person and now that I'm preggers I'm wondering if I'm ever going to be able to indulge this fantasy, I mean I want to try it atleast once, but I feel so unattractive now, becuase of all the weight I've gained that I'm worried I won't be able to attract a woman after birth. Besides just wanting to try s_xual things with a girl, I would love to haev a threesome with my bf and another girl, or just with two girls. I feel really weird about all this but does anybody have any stories or anything that they want to share, just to tell me how it happened for them.....



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