Birth Control Pill Or Morning After Pill

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Rockstar89 - July 8

Hiya people, I need some help and reassurance here! I'm going to stay with my boyfriend for 2 weeks and we plan to have s_x, and we decided that we'd both use protection (he'd use a condom while I'll be on the pill), I'd just like some questions answered about the pill. Which one is best to take, morning after or birth control? What are the side effects? How often do I have to take them? I think we will probably do it every day or something (lol, we're only human!) so I'm guessing taking the morning after pill after every morning we do it would be dangerous, right? Would it be possible to take the M.A.P after the whole 2 weeks are up? Any answers would be much appreciated, thanks!


flower.momma - July 8

When are you going to stay with him? I'd suggest that you get on the pill as soon as possible. Planned parenthood can give you a year's supply for free. The morning after pill would be silly. It is essentially a high dose of regular birth control, and has to be taken A.S.A.P. after s_x. If you took it at the end of the two weeks you would probably already be pregnant! Also, I don't think that a planned parenthood clinic would hand out 2 weeks worth of morning after pills, since they are to be used in situation where you are NOT planning ahead. A doctor at planned parenthood can help you find out which birth control pill would be best for you. There are also other methods, but if you do begin birth control, stay on it! Going on and off the pill can seriously screw up your cycle, and cause other health problems as well.


Rockstar89 - July 8

Heya, thanks for answering. I'm going to stay with him next month, I don't really know any parenthood clinics around here so if I just go to my local chemist and ask for the birth control pill will that be ok? And how often do I have to take it and when is it alright to come off it? Thanks! and I think when using a condom properly it should be enough protection and M.A.P could be used as backup in the event if it were to tear?


flower.momma - July 9

Yes, that is a good idea. I take it from your use of the word chemist, that you don't live in the U.S. If that is so, I'm not really sure where you can go for birth control. The way it works here, is that you have to be examined by a nurse or Dr. before they prescribe pills. I think the morning after pill is otc in some areas. I'm not really sure. But if you were to use a condom, and have a m.a.p. on hand, that would work, especially if you do not plan on being consistently s_xually active after you are done visiting him.


Rockstar89 - July 9

Hey, yeah I live in the UK, my sister bought the M.A.P from the chemist so I'm pretty sure they'd supply the B.C pill too. I was with her when she bought it and they asked her a bunch of medical questions so I guess that it's their way of examining you? I heard the M.A.P can bring on a period, is this true? If so, how soon will the period come once the pill has been taken? Thanks!


chandellina - July 9

you need to go to your gp to get the bcp. the chemist only gives the morning after pill. you need to be on the pill for at least a week for it to start working so go soon. have fun.


Rockstar89 - July 9

Will the doctor keep it confidential? He/she won't tell anyone about me getting it? Also will he/she tell me how often I have to take it and everything else I need to know? Thanks, and what are the side effects?


chandellina - July 10

hi, of course it will be confidential, don't worry! there are side effects a__sociated with bcp - there's a whole list but that's pretty much like any prescription drug. i never had any side effects and i was on the pill from the ages of 16 to 35, pretty much non stop!! most recently i was on one called trinordial. you take them once a day, at the same time every day.


Rockstar89 - July 10

Heya, I'm 16! And my mum knows the doctor here so I'm worried about him/her telling my mum! Not that it's much of a secret, it's just not something I'd like her to know! If you get what I mean :P Are the side effects bad, do you know?



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