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Rachel29 - December 1

I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant, and had just a litle blood after having s_x with my husband. I'm REALLY paranoid about it because I have had a miscarriage before, so I'm hoping that I can get a comment from a real person who has experienced this. The books say that it's nothing to worry about, but sometimes I feel like these books are just written to ease your mind, and don't really tell you the worst. Thanks!


xvkx - December 1

Go to your doctor. Pronto. It probably isn't anything to worry about, but it's always a good idea to get *any* bleeding at this point checked out by your doc.


RMC - December 8

I started bleeding and cramping heave after s_x and thought I was having a miscarriage. I went to the er and found out that my placenta is lying low and the s_x caused a piece of it to break off. I got put on bedrest and we haven't been able to have s_x for the last 2 months. So definitely get it checked out!


Rachael - December 15 33 weeks and this just happened to me the other night as well. We were having s_x then when we got done I was using the bathroom and realized that I was bleeding and it wasnt like no light spotting or anything I mean I was bleeding alot, so I freaked, went to the ER and they said dont worry and checked me out and it ended up that we had busted a blood vessel, the woman said this happends all the time its no big deal. jsut everytime you do start bleeding you need to get it checked out because it could be nothing or theres always a chance it could be placenta previa, which is a big deal, but normally if it is the placenta previa your ob would have already noticed it in the ultrasound and stuff.


estephania2182 - December 31

I too have had bleeding after s_x but it wasn't RIGHT after, normally the next morning and it was bright red and I even had a couple little blood clots. It can be completely normal for a lot of people because the cervix is so fragile during pregnancy that it is possible he burst a blood vessel or just bumped the cervix and caused it to bleed. I'm sure you'll be fine but I worried like hell and went to the doctor just to be sure everything was fine with my baby!! I'm 14 1/2 weeks so I totally know where you are coming from.



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