Breast Play While Pregnant

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JGM - March 3

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my nipples are beginning to leak. If I let my husband play with and suck my br___ts during s_x, will I still have colostrum for the baby?


:) - March 4

yes colostrum reproduces every few hours,there will always be enough,so dont worry enjoy your pregnancy and best of all to you and your baby,congrats! :)


:) - March 4

GOT THIS OF A PREGNANCY SITE,HOPE I ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS! ...."Many women experience some leakage of colostrum during pregnancy, often beginning around the fifth or sixth month. Other women never leak colostrum, though it is still being produced within their b___sts. Your body will produce colostrum for your new baby during her first three to four days of life, transitioning into mature milk by the time she is about two weeks old. There is no reason to worry about your colostrum being "used up." Milk is made within your b___sts as your baby nurses. She will have all she needs if she is put to your b___st early and often. "


JGM - March 4

Thanks :) I want so much to b___stfeed my baby, but I also want to have fun with my husband while I have time. It sounds like after the baby is born, we will barely have time to sleep, much less have s_x.


Lucious - March 4

He has no problem playing with them..."sucking" them with them leaking?


Lucious - March 4

Because my girlfriend is 33 wks. preg. I was sucking on hers a couple weeks ago it leaked in my mouth... Kind of ruined the mood.


Raj - September 4

Dont ask your husband to gulp it fully as your child will also need some milk for survival


jack - September 4

it doesn't taste that bad. It's alot better tasting than powdered (enfamil similac, etc.) but that is not hard to be. It ceratinly can't be worse that a mouth full of jizz!


You guys! - September 4

Women produce more - there is no need to "save for baby"... Baby will have plenty! Have fun with it if you can stomach it :)


Shay - September 5

14 weeks???, I'm 38 weeks and still nothing.



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