Brownish Discharge After Sex Fingering IM SCARED

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scared - February 12

today i noticed brown spotting after i fooled around with my boyfriend last night. we didnt have s_x, although the same thing occured the week before when we did have s_x. my period is due around feb 17th- is this implantation bleeding, symptom of cervical cancer, or nothing to be worried about? please help!


scared - February 12

btw..last week we used a condom


A - February 12

Could be sign of an STD


scared - February 13

i had an gyn appt last sept and they said everything was ok, and i've only slept with my bf...should i still worry about it being an std? should i go back to the gyn?


A - February 14

Hey scared... did your gyn do an internal exam? However, I'm sure if your gyn says everything is ok then it should be. GOOD LUCK!


scared - February 14

she did do a pap it normal for that to happen?


scared - February 14

i mean, is it normal to have a brownish discharge after fooling around? it was kinda like old blood.


scared - February 14

it started immedietly after we finished s_x on friday its late sunday and its now a light light brown/ there any way this is implantation bleeding? or maybe from an abrasian during s_x/fingering? please help...i'm really nervous


A - February 15

Hon, if your gyn did an internal and said everything was fine then everything is fine! If it was anything your gyn would of made another appt. for you... don't worry yourself too much!


scared - February 16

thanks :)


[email protected],COM - March 6



Random - April 5

I have the same thing, except we didn't use a condom, and after the s_x, I went to pee and the c_m came out a bit, but it was brownish, then when I was at work, alot came's happend before after s_x, I know it's not an std because I was tested aswell, pap and I have no idea what it is, I wish I did!


Natasha - April 5

Call your doctor just in case, but the same thing happened to me and my doctor gave me an ultrasound and said everything is ok. She said that spotting after s_x is ok because the cervix is really sensitive and there's more blood flowing to it, so any penetration may cause spotting.


maybe... - April 15

maybe there's some internal bleeding... like you could've had s_x too hard. if you've got fingured, maybe the nails could've scratched you. definately go and see a gyno and get it checked out. if you have already, then you're fine.


jessica - June 9

don't worry, there's nothing to be worried about


ashley - June 24

this is something that you shouldn't get to upset about until you find out what it is i would go to my doctor and tell him about the problem then ask him any qustions that you may have he should be able to help you a lot. good luck!


ash - June 25

what ur describing sounds like v____al discharge after you have had an orgasm, it is different to womens normal discharge.if it has a bad smell then get it checked out, otherwise u can relax :)



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