Burning Pain After Sex

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little_snowball - March 2

this is more of a s_x question, but i don't know if my problem is pregnancy related. i am pregnant, and whenever i have s_x it doesn't really hurt that bad. but after we are done i get this really bad burning feeling that doesn't go away for a while. and it burns even more when i pee. after about thirty minutes or so, it changes to just a constant pain, no burning. i hurts for me to sit down and to be touched (no matter how soft or light) in that area. i have to sit really retarded or lay down. please help me if you can....PS: STD's are not a possibility.


somedaymom - March 2

Hi there, Perhaps you have a uti or kidney/bladder infection? I would call your dr's office and see if you can get a urinalysis (urine work up) done to rule this out. Other than that, I really don't know what else it could be. It's not really consistent with being touched so that kinda stumps me? Good luck little snowball! Hope you feel better soon.


CarolA - March 3

dont freak out..its totally normal. I had the same thing and there was nothing wrong, no bladder infection..no stds. Some women just become more sensitive during pregnancy, Sorry to say though, it probably wont go away during your pregnancy. I had my baby 2 weeks ago (have 4 weeks left of waiting before we can try having s_x again) So i dont know that the burning goes away after the baby..but i'll let you know in a couple of weeks


M.A. - March 6

Are you leaking pee at all in the day? This was happening to me for a while. The same things with you. I almost had to go take a bath after s_x everytime because I felt so much burning. I even tried diaper rash cream, and other creams after s_x. But they didn't help. I've been leaking pee in the daytime, and didn't really realize it. I started getting different types of infections. And so after the pain not going away a little while after s_x, I decided to try a pad. I've been wearing a reagular period pad for a couple of months now throughout the day to stay dry, and haven't had this problem since a week after I started.


PrincessGervais - March 9

i know i be having the same problem i dont' really know what the answer is i took all of my test and everything came up fine so it is beyond me why this happens


orie - March 11

Another thing that can cause this burning sensation is when he ejaculates inside of you....i have the same problem. but i have noticed that after we have s_x and he does't c_m inside of me...it doesnt burn...when he does it burns for like 30 minutes then goes away.


Buttercup - March 19

This happened to me once or twice and i was told that if you are not wet enough(sorry) during the deed then it can cause very small tears in the v____al walls..his c_m can make these small tears burn....hope this helps


jellybabe - March 23

I had the same problem. i am 6 months pregnant and now its better the past few weeks. But it was as if it was swollen and DH struggled to get 'it' in and it hurt even if i was lubricated. Its better now. What I did was went to wee right after s_x and it burned like hell, but then I took toilet paper, wet it with cold water, and held it there for a while. It took away the burning and reduced the swelling feeling. Also I put some v____al cream around the area. I guess its normal.


angelinakai - March 27

i have this too. its only when he ejaculates in me. it does freakin burn though.


Evonna - April 3

it's only a UTI if you pee blood, and it is very painful and the pain will not go away. I don't think you have UTI, but like what the other ladies said, sometimes when he ejaculates inside of you it burns for several minutes and will go away. This has happened to me a couple of times.


whatisgoingon - January 2

I am glad I found this! I am experiencing this at the moment, it really has me stumped! Im not pregnant, took a test this morning - altho I was thinking I could be as my af was so weird and abnormal! Very unusual for me. But nope! BFN! Well the last few days after having s_x (even if I am wet) it burns for about 20mins! Really bad! I dont know what is going on! Perhaps it is small tears or something, because my partner and I didnt have s_x for like a week or two, so could have been harder to actually do the deed the first few times.. he has been c_mming in me so perhaps that is making it burn? Otherwise I am putting it down to thrush? I dont have any other symptoms of thrush, but I know burning after s_x is a symptom? So I am going to go try diflucan one today, and see what that does over the next day or two. Cant hurt anyway can it? xo


lunastarliteyes - January 4

This happens to me a lot too, to the point where I don't want him to touch me because the pain is so irritating. There are several different kinds of infections that your body is more likely to get while you are pregnant that you wouldn't NORMALLY get, just because your immune defenses are down, so I would definitely mention it to your doctor or midwife and see what they say about it.


Sextonamber7 - July 13

oh sweety if u aint preg you shouldnt be gettin that burning... id call ur dr.. im 8 months preg and this happens to me everytime and i was freaking out, but im glad its normal for pregnacy



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