Can Giving Oral Prevent Me From Getting Pregnant

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Liz - October 4

My husband and I are ttc. I know that giving oral (saliva) isn't the best thing for sperm, but can it TOTALLY prevent me from getting pregnant? Can anyone suggest an over-the-counter lubricant?? Thanks


js - October 5

ummm - ky? vaseline? look in the womens section where they sell the pads and hpt...


Liz - October 5

JS....I know those would be the obvious, however, I read that you are not suppose to use KY or vaseline. Vaseline apparently slows down the sperm and also read that KY isn't good to use either, but thanks anyway.


Hi Liz - October 6

You are obviously are not getting aroused enough before being pentetrated. Your husband should try arousing you more by caressing you, kissing you on your neck and working his way down to your b___sts and then kissing and sucking on your nipples. Thirty minutes of this should do the trick. In not, he needs to move down a couple of more feet and kiss you there for 30 more minutes. By that time you should be wet enough to water the desert.


Liz - October 6

Thanks "Hi Liz". I DO get aroused, but when ttc and being on a "schedule", sometimes we are not in the mood and may need some help.


Hi Liz - October 6

You are welcome for my input. I guess I misunderstood your reference to KY thinking you were not ready. If you are getting sufficiently aroused, you may need to allow sufficient time for play like on a weekend when neither of you are working whether you are ovulating or not. If necessary turn the TV off, telephone and cell off, lock the doors, etc. Make it playfull as possible with plenty of foreplay. If he is aroused with enough tempting and teasing, you will not be able to keep him off you! Don't make work out of it, make it playtime! If you're not ovulating on a weekend, try it just before you ovulate if possible. Best of luck Hon!


Liz - October 6

Thank you for the ideas. I will make sure to try them.


SLM - October 7

I have heard that preseed is a good lubricant that is sperm friendly.


to liz - October 10

what is ttc?


misti - October 10

im not liz but it means trying to conceve



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