Can He Go 2 PRISON Or Jail

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hills00 - June 5

hi im 16 years old and im not pregnant but my husband is 23 years old and i was wondering if he could go to jail or prison for having s_x with me or gettin me pregnant?


Soontobemom - June 5

Not if he trully is your husband. Now if you two are playing house but not actually married, then yes he can. Not that it is any of my business, but why would your parents let you get married at 16, especially to a 23 yr old?


lexa - June 9

I totally agree with soontobemom! What's the story?


NURSEJ - June 28

i think ur parents should go to jail for letting u marry a 23 y/o man. but yeah if ur playing house thats a child-molester. but if truly married than he is safe.


KLT - July 5

I'm not here to defend or anything, but there is a lady I work with...her daughter married the husband when she was just 15 or 16...and the guy was about 23. Anyways, they've been married for about 9 or 10 years now....happily. They don't have kids yet, in fact they are waiting until they feel its right for them. The girl is getting her degree, and the guy has his own business they just bought their first home. So...I guess it can work out with some folks huh? I personally wouldn't let my 16 year old daughter marry anyone...not even another 16 year old.... but I guess my point is....we can't be quick to judge until we hear the whole story....which i'm curious about! Whats the story hills00??


hills00 - July 5

Ever1 the story is pretty long but 2 make it short here i go.. we met when i was 14 years old and i had no clue how old he was but he he was 21 he hung out and stuff and if u was 2 ask him he would say he fell in love with me at 1st sight anyways my father told him that he was gonna send him 2 prison if he didnt go 2 the air force.. He didnt go i just told my father that i wasnt with him anymore and until i turned 16 we snuck around. My mother got 2 know him and saw that we rly cared about each other. When my mother was 15 years old she got married her her bf who was 22 so its the same age difference..umm she saw taht we both truly loved each other and we wanted 2 be able 2 havea public relationship without people always callin my dad sayin they seen us together. so my mother said if we was still 2gether when i turned 16 we could get married! so we did and yes hes older and id ready 2 have a family but ims till in high school but we was just wondering if i was 2 get pregnant if he could get in trouble because im not at state s_x age (17) SO there every1 there is my story SHORT!


Soontobemom - July 6

Yeah, like I said before (and I do have an a__sociates in Crim Justice), when you were married you became an adult in the eyes of the law. You could not get in trouble for having s_x with your hubby.


PrettyShadows - July 20

Not in England. As over here the legal age of consent is 16. But i'm not sure about else where.


tulipbaroo - July 23

Why would you want to get married at 16? I'm 16, and have a long term boyfriend; But by no means am I ready to get married. To each his own though. Good luck!


Gena - July 28

16 y/o is the legal age of consent for s_x in my state as well, I think it's the same in a lot of states now.



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