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Jenstir - September 18

My period started on the 27th August 2009, me and my boyfriend had s_x in the early hours of the 11th September 2009. I sometimes have a very little twinge in my lower back and at the side of my br___ts, I am also peeing little and often and i have slight cramps in my stomach. Could this be symptons of my period that is due on the 24th or could it be that I am pregnant. I have tired two pregnancy test one on the 15th & 17th and both are negative. I think that I have taken the test to early which i think may have given a false negative. what is your thoughts. Thanks Jenstir


Grandpa Viv - September 18

You had unprotected s_x within 24 hours of probable ovulation, so you have a 30% chance of success already. Now a week later you are feeling a few early pregnancy signs. Try a home pregnancy test using first morning pee Saturday Sept 26th. There is a good chance it will be positive. Before that your signs will likely increase in number and intensity. Good luck!


Jenstir - September 28

I am a little confused now. My last period was on the 27th August 2009, I had s_x on my ovulation date (10th Sep) my period was due to arrive on the 24th Sep. It did not arrive until the 25th Sep. The first day it was extremly light and everytime I went to change my tampon there was not much there. the second day it was slighter heavier but not for long. The third day was extremly light again and not much happened. I have not had amy cramps and I still feel really tired. My chest is not sure, though I think this is due to having a b___st reduction a few years ago. I have taken a few pregnancy test and it has come back negitive. is my hormone level to low for the test to detect or am i just not pregnant. Please note that i have never had a period like this. Please help.. hoping to be a mom.. X


spiralbuddy - October 3

This might help more in future, but I found that charting my fertility cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method helped me greatly in knowing my body, and when exactly in my cycle I am fertile. Since this method is based on current signs (waking temperature, cervical fluids) it is more accurate than trying to predict your fertility and ovulation based on previous cycles. If you have concerns, get a blood test at a doctor's office, or wait a week for another home test.



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