Can I Be Pregnant Who Has Had Similar Symptoms

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joce - November 9

Hi everyone, i was looking for answers online and came upon this forum. I am a week late and am having a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I have tender br___ts, va___al discharge (i have no stds), constipation, lower abdominal pain and feeling of fullness, lightheadedness, nausea, always hungry, frequent urination, always tired, light cramping and every day i think im getting my period but it doesnt come, the list goes on and on. well, the day of my missed period i took a hpt and it was negative, then again the next day it was neg again. i know that i was fertile during the time i had unprotected s_x. Im not sure whether i am pregnant or not because i know my missed period could be due to stress. If i were to be pregnant i would be happy. oh, another thing, i had recently gotten off BC pills so that may be the reason of the missed period. Can anyone tell me if they have gotten a positive after a few negatives? oh, and now i am having a liquid coming out of my br___ts when i squeeze my nipples. has anyone else been through this?


CodyKatie5 - November 14

Joce, when I got pregnant last year I had pretty much the same thing. I was only off the pill for a month and a half. I tested negative on urine tests up to a week past my missed period. It wasn't until they pulled blood that they diagnosed my pregnancy. Sometimes when you are coming off BC it makes you ovulate later than you think you did.


joce - November 15

thank you codykatie, atleast i know its possible to get negatives and actually be pregnant


sploge04 - November 18

Hi joce. I think you should take another pregnancy test & if its still negative i think you should go see your doctor, he should be able to arrange a blood test for you that will show if you are or are not pregnant, a blood test is a more accurate way of telling you if you are pregnant or not. If your not pregnant your doctor will be able to tell you why your feeling the way you do & help you, it will also put your mind to rest & stop you wondering. Takecare.


sarahnoelle6824 - November 25

i was off birth control for ONE week and got pregnant, i had all the symptoms, i found out i was pregnant the day i was supposed to start my period



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