Can I Get Pregnant During Or A Day After My Period

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jaime - November 16

what are the chances of me getting pregnant if i have s_x during my period and a day after my period?


rather not say - December 4

im not sure but i know how you feel im wondering the same thing help us


Haley - December 5

It's very unlikely that you could be pregnant. The time you are most likely to conceive is about 2 weeks before your period is due, or about 10-16 days before it's due. The least likely time you can get pregnant is 2 days before, during and 2 days after your period. This is because sperm needs to find a 'ripe' egg and when you have your period the egg is no longer 'viable' and therefore your body is expelling it and preparing itself to release another 'ripe' egg. Also the blood usually washes out most s____n. Keep in mind though that sperm can live up to 5 days (sometimes up to 6 or 7 if they're very healthy) in the uteris and 'wait' for a 'ripe' egg. The whole thing is quite complicated, so I hope that my answer helped you in some way. Just know that it is always POSSIBLE and the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test (best time to do this is from about 2 weeks after you had s_x, as if you test too early you could be pregnant but get a negative result because your levels of hormones aren't high enough to register yet). Best of luck.


sandy - December 16

My questions in kinda on the same page I have a 5 year old I conceved her the day afetr my period.. Well me and my husband had s_x about 3 or 4 day's into my period and it stopped and did not start again now I am wondering I would love it he would not LOL :-)


faiters - January 9

I had s_x about 8 days before my period and the condom broke am i likely to get pregnant?


nessa - June 16

is it a good chance to get pregnant after your period


lilttle l - August 27

can u get pregant a day after your period


tammy - September 11

could i fall pregnant of having un safe s_x 1-2 days after my period ended?


Jennifer - September 25

i want to no if you can get pregnant after your period


jennifer - September 26

i was told you can get pregnant at any time it depends on your body everybodys diffrent


Sarah. - October 10

As my period is now coming every two weeks apparently my most fertile time is during my period


Jen - October 10

Yep, I got pregnant on my period it is unusal but happens



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