Can I Have A A Period After Conception

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aiyeen - June 14

hi.. im very confusing right now.. coz i read alot of sign of being pregnant.. i do unprotected s_x last june 8 and my last period start may 19.. i dont know if im ovulating the time i have s_x. 2nd day after i s_x my b___bs become big and swollen but not that hurt.. like i read.. and i expect implantation bleeding after 6 days which i experience it right now.. but my bleeding is very heavy and i feel mild pain in my right.. like i felt when i have my period.. please help,, what is happening?? thank you..


Grandpa Viv - June 15

Isn't it time for your next period? For a 28 day cycle your s_x was a week after ovulation and not likely to cause pregnancy. Maybe this was first s_x for you, and you are feeling a little scared. Buy some condomsof your own and make sure they get used for every penetration. GL!


aiyeen - June 18

i think of that too.. but my bleeding is not that heavy as my period.. only in first day.. and from first day to 3rd days of bleeding i got alot of blood clots.. and all the sign of early pregnancy is very mild for me.. unlike my period.. today i still have drops of blood.. yeah its my first time thats why im very scared of miscarriage.... thank for your answer..


Jumpme1player - March 10

My start date of my last period was feb. 9th. I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend march 3rd and he didn't pull out he said he actually came inside of me. My period started the 8th of this month BUT I was wondering can I still be pregnant because it takes time for the egg to travel where it needs to go ?


Grandpa Viv - March 11

Jumpme, on a 28 day cycle the most likely ovulation date is CD14, so you probably ovulated Feb 23. The egg is only good for a day, so s_x March 3rd was very unlikely to get you pregnant. FYI, sperm can last inside you for 5 days, so s_x in the week before ovulation is risky. Please buy your own condoms and v____al spermicide and make sure they get used correctly. GL!


ElizabethBarrett11 - March 14

Hello , I made love to my boyfriend 8 days ago , we did not use any protection this time, I have come on today , and am not sure if I maybe pregnant as its so close or not. If I could be when would the best time too do an actually test ? After this period? Or in middle off this one?


Grandpa Viv - March 14

Elizabeth, s_x eight days before you period is due is not high risk, and if the period is normal and on schedule there is very little chance you are pregnant. If you want to take a test wait until three weeks after the suspect intercourse. I feel you are kinda young. Please don't go risking pregnancy. Get yourself some condoms and v____al spermicide and insist that they get used every time. Stay away from the fertile window cycle days 8 through 16 of 28. GL!


Blondey1 - March 22

I was wondering whether anybody can help me please? I had s_x with my boyfriend last weekend, whom I have been with 8 years, however I am on the pill I had missed the odd one, and was on antibiotics till beggining of march. However when I had s_x it was the beggining of my 7 day break, if I do get a period/ can I still be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - March 23

Blondey, s_x that close before menstruation is unlikely to get you pregnant. If you have a normal period you should be fine. Between antibiotics and missed pills your protection is iffy. Keep your pills by your toothbrush or some other place you visit every day. Consider having your man use condoms for double protection. GL!


Sheena1234 - April 1

So I had s_x a day before I ovulated and the condom popped and he had nutted in me and the day after ovulation I got my period can I be pregnant


Grandpa Viv - April 1

Sheena, something doesn't compute. It's normally two weeks between ovulation and period. How do you know when you ovulated? Is it possible the bleeding was from a broken hymen? If your encounter caused pregnancy it would be a week or two before the first pregnancy signs appeared.


Lex23 - July 10

I just recieved the Depo shot a week ago, and i am very uneducated about this shot. I am 16 years of age and I didnt have unprotected s_x and i think I may have be having signs of pregnancy. When I push on my abdomen it gives me pain and my stomach is quite hard. Although I have not been having any cravings of any sort. Im actually not wanting to eat, and have been losing weight. I was wondering if any of these signs could mean pregnancy. Please help me answer my questions.


Grandpa Viv - July 10

Lex, I hope they did a pregnancy check before they gave you Depo. Maybe your body is reacting to the shot, but just in case it would not hurt to run another home pregnancy test. I think it will be negative. Remember to get that shot renewed on a strict three month cycle.


Lex23 - July 10

They did not give me a pregnancy test before they gave me Depo. Could the Depo shot give out symptoms of pregnancy because it makes your body think its pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - July 11

Yes, Depo has side effects which will hopefully decrease over time. One of them is weight gain! Maybe they did not do a pregnancy test because you said you had never had s_x? If in doubt, take a test, they are not that expensive. I think it will be negative.


mezzapop - May 1

Hi, well me and my partner have been trying for the last 2 mths. I got my last period 1st April, had sex on the 9th, ovulated on the 14th and had sex the same day morning and night. I started getting slight back pain on right side and going to the toilet alot alot more than usual along with being very emotional for the last weeK and I'm just feeling different which makes me think I'm pregnant.I done a pregnancy test on the 26th which was negative, again on the 29th which was also negative then my period started later that day right on schedule which lasted 2 days and was light. Could it be possible to be pregnant?



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