Can You Get Pregnant If You Can T Feel Him Cumming

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Danielle - May 29

I've been trying to get pregnant with my DH but I've never felt him c_mming inside me. I'm not sure if this is normal or not or if this means he is not ejaculating with enough force to get me pregnant. Are your supposed to be able to feel his c_m?


DJ - May 29

I've never felt it. I don't think it is a problem.


Lynn - May 30

Do you not feel your wet afterwards? Does it run out when you stand up? I mean he might not be c_mming alot or enough for you to feel. I can most of the time feel when my man is - but sometimes not.


rmp - May 30

how old are you


n - May 30

yes you can get pregnante with out feeling the c_m going in you but you should be able to feel the after effect after its running down or you should feel that you are extremely wet!! but i dont think it a problem because i couldnt and now im PREGNANT!!


gt - May 30

i seem to have the same prob. I cannot feel it inside me but feel it running. Is this normal as i sometimes feel,maybe i cannot get pregnent becoz i think it is not going inside. Pls advise.


to danielle - May 30

well it could be that he is not c_mming at all or it just isnt strong enough .when a man c_ms most of the time you can feel it b/c you will feel it or pressure of it paulsating.


gt - May 30

thanks Danielle. I do feel it but most of time , feel it running down. have read that usally u can feel it warm inside. guess not being experienced , it is difficult to know. have been told that so long as u feel wet , it is enough as sperm somehow enters in. any more advise wud be great..anyone.





gt - May 30

which qust r u referring to omgggggg? maybe u seem to be experienced and can give us all some good advise


C - May 30

Well what if he does come and it don't come running back down? When I got pregant the first time nonthing came back out.


To C - May 31

Maybe it was pre-c_m that got you pregnant, and that would be hardly anything, but if it was at the "right time" that may have been all that was needed.


~ - May 31

You are not supposed to be able to feel a man c_m inside you. That is one of the questions police use when they question a rape victim. If you say that you felt him c_m inside you then they know you are lying. Just thought y'all would like to know



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