Can You Get Pregnant The First Time You Have Sex

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kelsey - January 30

okay my bf wants to have s_x but its my first worried that i'll get pregnant. he says it's impossible to get pregnant the first time you have s_x and your cherry "pops" can you get pregant you very first time you have s_x??


To Kelsey - January 30

Hon, you can get pregnant the first time you have s_x or the last time you have s_x. It makes no difference. All it take is ONE sperm to unite with your egg. Treat every s_x encounter like you're going to get pregnant or get an STD. Take lots of care.....


j - January 31

my sister got pregnant first time she had s_x.So yes you can get pregnant,go on birth control if you dont want kids...


nagem - January 31

You deff can get pregnant the first time you have s_x!! Be carefull because even on birth control you can get pregnant(my best friend is a prime example) Im not trying to scare you im just telling you to use a back up method as well not only so you dont get pregnant so that you dont get STD`s (I.E. Condom ) :) good luck


ca__s - January 31

you can most certainly get pregnant the first time.


sarah - January 31

okay someone told me that the 1st time your cherry pops you this true?


ca__s - January 31

You can get pregnant even if you are virgin. If you still have your hymen when you have s_x, it gets broken and that's it.


MaMa of 12 - March 9

kelsey, LOOK at my name... Trust me you can get pregnant the first time you have s_x.......I'm living proof.... I got pregnant the very fist time I had s_x...I was overjoyed but if that wasn't bad enough, i ended up giving birth to quads... It can happen.


Delysa - March 12

You can get pregnant the fir time you have s_x


Jenn - March 14

Sure you can. If you are not ready don't do it!!! And if you do, make sure to use pretection, not just to avoid pregnancy, but also disease.


Ghetto - March 22

when we (men) are exited, some liquid come off the pennis, it's kind of a lubrificated liquid, does it get a girl pregnant? even she still virgin (intact)? (sorry about my english, im just learnin)


stephanie - March 22

if you don't know the answer to that then you should not be having s_x yet! you can get pregnant the very first time or any time.


sm - March 23

Yes you can get pregnant the first time. Tell him to hold off for a while as you sound a bit unsure aboout the whole thing. Tell him to get condoms, if you are old enough to have s_x you shouldnt feel embara__sed to talk about condoms. If he is inexprienced practice the condom putting on on some fruit, a banana would be good. And ghetto, yes those few drops can cause pregnacy in some cases. You too might want to practise on the bananas.


ana - April 19

i think that the first time you can get pregnant if you or he does not do what they are sopost to. ex, use condoms or birth control pills but if you dont and he comes on you! you can get pregnant.


Jasmin - April 22

hey..i got my period on the 8th of april and had s_x the first time when i should b ovulating which is on the make things worse..the condom broke...but he def didnt ejaculate inside of me...i knw about what are the chances of me being pregnant


Serenity - April 24

One word - yes.


k - May 5

you get pregnant the first time. i have a friend she found out that she was pregnant. she kept the baby.



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