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Samantha - November 16

I know there are probably alot of questions on here like this but im kinda confused .... Well i was reading up and it says at the beginning of the month your discharge is creamy white and thick .... I have that .... Then next comes clear white cervical mucus which i have clear in color but its not sticky just kinda like water ... could this be what is keeping me from getting pregnant Please help im confused


Samantha - November 16

please help


Samantha - November 18



? - November 18



j. - November 18

Well Samantha, not too many women rely on cervical mucus as a means for trying to get pregnant. Typically, during the time of the month that you ewcm(egg white cervical mucus) is the fertile time(ovulation), but not all women get this. Doctors say it's normal not to have it and still get pregnant. Try not to rely so much on cm and just have a good time bd'ing. It'll happen, just wait and see!! Good Luck to ya.


Kathy S - November 19

A lot of women do rely on cm, but not all women have the same cm stages. A good place to find lots of info on your fertility signs, how to chart them, and lots of TTC support is at www.fertilityfriend.com .The message forum is no longer free, but all the info and charting tools are still free to use. Are you also keeping track of your BBT (basal body temp)? or your cervical positioning? These are great tools to use along with cm to teach you to tell just when you are most fertile. This link www.fertilityuk.org/nfps401.html explains and has illustrations to help you understand cm. The most important thing is that you have a period during which you get watery, with stretchy mucus...if you can't easily find cm, insert a finger or two as high up as you can and using a gentle sweeping motion across the wall of your v____a (inside)...remove the finger(s) and then touch them together and then pull them apart. The illustrations on the link I gave you above, will help you determine what stage of cm you are having. Clearish, Wet and Stretchy are what you are wanting for ttc time. As soon as you ovulate, your cm will start to dry up and get sticky again. I hope this will help you out some. God bless.


Kathy S - November 19

Sorry the last post should say " Soon after you ovulate your cm will dry up" You are only fertile while you have clearish, wet, stretchy mucus. Some women try to enhance those mucus conditions by taking Robittuson just as soon as they start getting fertile looking cm. Robittuson thins mucus and can make your cervix (a mucus membrane) more sperm friendly! :)



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