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CeeCee - February 2

Hello ladies! My menstrual cycle has been erratic for over a year now. I cannot tell when my period will arrive. Due to that, I was wondering if I have s_x every 2 days, will the chances of conception be high? I figured I would have to hit the target some time. Thank you so much. The reason why I would rather do it like this instead of observing other fertile signs is that since my periods are so erratic, it gets tiring checking the cervical mucus. It especially does not assist since my periods are erratic. Thank you once again. :-)


jessicad - February 7

Hi Cee Cee, I always had an erratic menstrual cycle since I was 12 years old. Anyway, I had s_x just one time and got pregnant with twins, so I think your method will definetly have results. Good Luck!!


Lavender - February 8

CeeCee--Have you tried taking your temperature every day? I know it seems like a pain but it really is easier than it sounds. I was wondering if since your periods are erratic whether or not you are ovulating. I thought my periods were irregular (and always have been since 13) but when I started taking my temperature and counting days I started to see that my periods are just longer than normal (up to 38 days!). I also started to see when I ovulated. The other thing you could do is order some ovulation predictor strips from You can get a bunch for pretty cheap (especially if you get the strips you have to dip into urine instead of the pee on a stick kind). That helped me to know when I was most fertile and I got pregnant on the first shot (even though my husband and I have been having s_x w/out a condom for 3 years). If you do decide to take your temps you should get a basal body thermomter ~$10--it really is different than a fever thermometer--and check out You can track your temps online and it puts everything into a chart for you instead of you having to figure out where to draw your lines.... GOOD LUCK!!!!



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