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cl77 - September 26

My last period was September 10. I had unprotected intercourse with my husband on the 23rd & the 25th. I feel very bloated and cramping a little bit. Could I be pregnant??? I just can't wait for 2 weeks to test..I want a baby!


Melislookinforanswers - September 26

haha, thats funny becuase thats exactly like i am. my period was the 10th too. & i cannot WAIT for 2 weeks to find out. let me know how it goes =]


kay101 - September 26

How long are you cycles and when is your period due? You don't have to wait two weeks if you know when you ovulated, more like 10 days. It's not a big difference, but when you're going nuts it is.


cl77 - September 27

my cycle is 30 and I'm supposed to get my period on the 10th. When can I go to the doctor to get a blood test done?


Shiva - September 27

Hi You won't believe that I also got my last AF on Sept 10, 2007. I tracked my BBT and Ovulation. I Ovl'd on 20th and we Bd'd on 19th,20th,22nd & 24th. so hopefully we hit the right days this month finger crossed. I am not sure when to test. No symptoms yet but yes I am gettin little creamy stuff. and the surprise thing is I always get too much sore b___st but this time have little pain not like other months. Please advise me when should I test. and let me know what are your symptoms? Good Luck!!


Shiva - September 27

Also I forgot to add that my monthly cycle is 25days. Any comment will be helpful Thanks!!


Melislookinforanswers - September 27

HELP what is bbc? im not use to this "slang" haha. =p


cl77 - September 28

ok, it's been 5 days since I had s_x. I still feel very bloated & cramping like I'm about to get my period. My period it's not supposed to come until October 10!! IS that a good sign that I could be pregnant?? when can I go for a blood test?


cl77 - September 28

I just went to the bathroom and when I wipe found yellowish mucus?! What is that? I'm ovulating just now? so that means I'm not pregnant??? Please answer..


ohgeez - October 11

Are you pregnant?


Kellie - January 4

been trying to get pregnant with out second child for a couple months now. have been having cramping just uncomforable feeling in lower stomach. back is killing me, and my stomach just feels upset no matter what i eat. period isn't due until the 13 of jan. has anyone else experinced this and been pregnant



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