Could I Be Pregnant???

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Johndoe9150 - December 18


So I had unprotected sex three times in one night on the beginning of September and we used the "pull-out" method and 6 days after that I af arrived I wasn't expecting it to come since I don't know when I get my periods (dates could be off), but any ways it's been since then and I still haven't gotten my period. My breast have grown, I've been seeing more veins on my breasts, chest, stomach, etc. they would be times where when I would wipe I would see a spot of blood and then id re-wipe there's nothing..


Grandpa Viv - December 18

You think you might be 4 months pregnant. Was that September period normal in flow and duration, or was so light and short it could have been implantation spotting? Most pregnancies have a longer list of signs than you give. I think you have upset hormones for a reason other than pregnancy. Run a home pregnancy test and if negative get to the doctor's to figure out the problem.


sofiaalex - February 20

Yes, you can be pregnant, but i suggest you to go with pregnancy test once, if the result will be positive then try to then go online & search for MTP kit, the best medicine to terminate unexpected pregnancy.


mika 28 - February 28

Question:i stopped taking my bc pills 2 weeks ago and normally if I miss a few pills I would get my periods 3 days later but now basically I'm 11 days late,did a pregnancy test a week ago came out negative,got a white discharge lower back pain and abdominal pain + have a history with endometriosis could I be pregnant have no symptoms so far except for like a moving motion of butterfly's in my abdomin


Grandpa Viv - May 15

Mika, lotion discharge and backache are a couple of early pregnancy signs. Could it be that stopping bc pills are causing them? You could run another pregnancy test to check it out.


Me-now96 - May 21

I had sex with a girl 15 days after the start of her last period April 30th so we did it May 15th. Well I used the pullout method, but pulled out right before. I have been extremely nervous that I got her pregnant. So scared that I have been physically ill. Well yesterday she claims she started her period. A normal flow that is dark red and otting. Her periods are often irregular for she is 17. It came 8 days earlier than a normal 28 day cycle, but she says it has happened before and is normal. Well I'm still scared because I'm seeing all these things about people having their periods all the way until pregnancy or having their period and them becoming pregnant. Now I'm scared again. Is she pregnant? She said her period she is experiencing is a normal flow and dark red as well as clotting. Once again this is five days after un protecred sex and eight days before a normal 28 cycle period


Grandpa Viv - May 22

Your encounter was close to ovulation and pretty risky. I hope your pull out was right before and not right when. Her present bleed is on time for implantation, but it is too heavy for that. I think you are OK but if she develops early pregnancy signs in the next week you will end up buying her a home pregnancy test.

Please also buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide, or have her talk to her mom about getting on birth control. Pregnancy scares are no fun.


Me-now96 - May 24

She experienced bad stomach cramping early in the morning three days after having sex and then two days later had her bleeding that she thought might be her period. It was dark red, normal flow and clotting. It only bled once yesterday and was light. Her periods usually last six days. Her cramping was unusual and around abdomen. None during the day like usual. It has only been nine days since sex. She says her breasts are a bit tender and she has been feeling more fatigue lately. She is 17 and on vacation right now. Her last period was April 30th and we had sex May 15th. This period came five days later and started off heavy. Is she pregnant or is this just a weird period


Grandpa Viv - May 24

It's probably just a weird period such as she has had before. She knows her body and will tell you if anything untoward happens. If she does get concerned then a home pregnancy test at the beginning of June should settle it one way or the other.



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