Could I Be Pregnant?

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Km0110 - January 16

My fiance and I have been together for 4 years, and recently got married. Our plan was to try to get pregnant on our honeymoon, so we got busy last week. The first day of my last period was dec 27th, so i calculated i would be ovulating on january 11th, which it just happened to be the day we went our honeymoon. We had sex the night of our wedding january 10, and the next 4 days. Prior to us getting married I stopped taking the pill about 10 months ago, just be sure it wouldnt interfere with conceiving. Anyways, this past thursday i started feeling a little nauseous, i thought it would the thought of having to go back to work and being tired. I also felt nauseous yesterday and today. I have been peeing like crazy too. Im just so anxious to find out, and been dying to take a pregnancy test, but dont want to get dissapointed and find out that im not. Could it be that I want to be pregnant so bad, my mind and body are playing games with me by having these symptoms so early?? Did i calculated ovulation right? I know theres like a window where it could have happened, from January 11-15. Can someone please help me figure this out? And also how soon can i take a pregnancy test? Im afraid to get a false negative and frustrate me even more. Hope someone out there can give me a little guidance. Thanks :)


Grandpa Viv - January 16

Ovulation is most oftern 14 days before your expected period. The egg is good for only one day but sperm can lie in wait for five days.

You may have hit it on the head. It's about eight days before your next menstruation and signs could start about now. Also your mind could conjure up the signs. Run a home urine pregnancy test when your period comes up missing or light. The test manufacturers would like you to burn through several tests in the days before that. Save money and wait.


Km0110 - January 16

Thank you very much for the response. I will have to be a little bit more patient and wait like you suggest. Thanks again, and will definetely give you some updates as the day comes closer. :)))


taraspride82 - November 14

So were you pregnant in January?


jm197 - May 15

Hey, I was hoping someone could help me with something. So I'm a week late on my period and I have white, oderless, painless goo in my underwear and I've experienced some cramping; but not much. Usually before I start my period I get cramps, but all I've really had is more back pain than usual. Could someone please tell me if they've had this problem?? Thank you. 


Grandpa Viv - May 16

Are you sexually active? It's not too soon to run a pregnancy test to eliminate that possibility. After that think ovarian cyst or glandular malfunction. Your next period could set things straight. 


jm197 - May 16

Yeah, I'm sexualy active; about a month ago I was with a guy. I've never had this happen to me before, and I'm 20 years old; so I'm just hoping it's nothing serious. 


Grandpa Viv - May 17

Hmm! Sex the weekend of the 22nd would have been in the fertile window. Lotion discharge, missing period and backache are pregnancy signs but most often accompanied by fatigue peeing appetite emotions breast and other signs. Good luck with the test. 



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