Could I Be Pregnant

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Tricia - August 9

Hey...this is going to be kinda long so I hope I dont bore anyone but I really really need some advise and help. I had unprotected s_x way back in January, one day before my period was due. Prior to this I had unprotected s_x quite a lot. Anyway, my period came on the date it was supposed to and was normal......heavy and painful but normal for me. About two weeks after this I started getting heartburn, feeling sick, dizzy and I was extremely tired. I put it down to not sleeping enough....even though I was. My next period was very very light and came on the day it was due. It was hardly a period to be honest....just one streak of blood and nothing more. Thats all I had for that period. The above symptoms carried on and I was going to the wee more often also. I told my best friend and she made me take a pregnancy test. It was negative. A very faint negative, hardly seeable but still a negative. When my next period came.....if you could call it was brown blood, and I only noticed it when I wiped myself. I was also getting tender br___ts around this time. The heartburn was happening more in the mornings and the dizzyness was usually at night. I was getting nasty headaches to. All of these symptoms vanished before my next period came as quickly as they'd come. Period 3 was similar to the above periods but lasted for one and a half day and it was 3weeks late. It was, once again, very light tho a bit more blood than the pervious ones. About a week before I got this period I had stomach pains and I spotted for about 3/4hours Im guessing. (Kept a close eye on it). I was also noticing, while in the bath, that if I pushed my tummy out it was looking rounded as if I was pregnant. It was also slightly rounded underneath my belly button. My next period was very painful and late again. It started with spotting which last for one day then stopped. Two days later I was bleeding very heavy and I was in a lot of pain. I had to go bed because the pain was that bad. This period lasted for 7days when Im usually a 5day cycle. I missed my next period but had spotting several days before it should of been due. That was the last period I had. Im now two months and one week late for my period(s). I have an appointment to see a Gyno but I have no idea whats going on. My appointment is for September. Has anyone got any idea what this could be? I was thinking maybe I could of had a M/C but surely I would of known so I dont think thats possible. I have no idea whats happening. I haven't been this late before. Any advice and idea would be appreciated.



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