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Iissy1228 - April 13

So I've been taking birth control for years. On march 30 I had my period until April 3. I started my new pack on Sunday April 4. On Friday April 9th my boyfriend and I had s_x. I missed my pill yesterday as well as today since I lost my birth control. Could I b pregnant since sperm could still be in me? According to an ovulation calendar, I think this is the time I would be. Please help me!


Grandpa Viv - April 14

Yes, if you ovulate on schedule there would still be sperm there to meet up. If the egg gets fertilized, it would have a chance to implant some time in the next week. It's a bit late to think of PlanB emergency contraception, but if it's real important not to get pregnant, you could give it a try.


Iissy1228 - April 18

Okay, I started bleeding for a few days. I'm not bleeding anymore. Now, what should I expect? Eek


Grandpa Viv - April 18

Worst case, that was implantation spotting. It could also have been spotting from a messed pill schedule. There's nothing much to do except wait and see if you get any early preg signs next week, and see if a normal period comes on schedule. Sit back and enjoy the ride! If it helps, women who have been taking the pill for years do not return to fertility the first cycle they quit. Did you find your pills and start taking them again? GL!


Iissy1228 - April 21

Yes, I found them and have started to take the again.. If it was just breakthrough bleeding from the p__sed pill, am I okay? I've now started feeling nauseous. Sometimes I gag like I am going to puke, but I don't. My lower tummy area feels weird. I also have some headaches/light headedness. I do not know what to think anymore. I should be getting my real period next week. Do you have anymore advice? Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - April 21

There's nothing much to do but wait until your period is due, then take a home preg test using first morning pee. Repeat a week later if still in doubt. Your signs sound as though pregnancy is just possible. Your local Planned Parenthood is at 1.800.230.PLAN if you need a consult. GL!



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