Could I Be Pregnant After Bleeding

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Trisha - September 2

I had s_x on 31 July, my period was due on the 16th August, but I had a really strange bleed a few days before I was due. It wasn't like a normal period, very red and only lasted for a couple of days. Could this be implantation bleeding? could I be pregnant???


brucen - August 26

Trisha Check the following sites out for more information on implantation bleeding. Copy and paste them into the address bar. . Anne I suggest you do the same.


brucen - August 26

Here's just one more for good measure.,1510,6004,00.html


Trisha - August 27

Thanks Brucen, looks like anne has made a bit of a t_t of herself really dont it! Still haven't done a preg test yet, I'm just too nervous, but I know its the only way to know for sure, I will do one soon!


Jess - August 27

Implantation bleeding is more commone then what most women think. It is now being accepted by the medical community as being something that happens in response to pregnancy. Implantation bleeding results from the egg burrowing itself into the lining of the uterus. The process takes about 5 to 6 days to complete. Upon succesful implantation, the woman is then considered pregnant. In your situation, it is possible that you experienced implantation bleeding. To know for certain I would do a pregnancy test. Not all women experience implantation bleeding, so check with your doctor just to make sure that everything is alright. Good luck.


Jen - September 1

I had implantation bleeding when I got pregnant.


chris - September 2

is it normal to bleed while being pregnant? Not heavy bleeding kind of like I am on my period which it lasted two-three days.


jennifer - September 20

There is such thing as implation bleeding...i had it yes you could be pregnant. and no dont listen to the people with no knowledge about anything....they only think just because they didnt have it that no one else will or is such a thing


melisa - September 23

Hi, I have been bleeding in the middle of the month, off and on. I am not suppose to get my period for another week or so and I am on the pill , could I be pregnant? I also still have period pains off and on .. not like a regular period though very light bleeding and cramps I barely have but still have


ladybugk - September 27

Melisa - yours is a little harder to say. Since you are on the pill, you could be having break through bleeding. How long have you been on it? How long has this been happening? Could be your pill too strong or not strong enough for you. You need to check with your doctor and find out. it is possible you might be preg, but if your pill dosage is off, you could get preg even if your not yet if the dosage is wrong. See your doctor.


kat - September 27

I had about the same thing happen to me, but the irregular bleeding was only there when I woke up. That's all that happened, and that was a week or two before my actual period is supposed to start. What's going on?


Jenny - September 27

Most women start spotting while they are pregnant it's natural.


kat - September 27

huh? it was the one time. plus, i can't be pregnant considering we used a condom. (one time we didn't, but he pulled out).


maria - September 30

i had my intercourse 4 days before my periods and then my periods come so is there still a chance of pregnancy


ollie - October 1

I too had implantation bleeding - darkish brown on the day my period was due. It exists and I am surprised by the rudenss of some people in their responses!!


shani - October 11

I have just been reading through this and didn't know anything about implantation bleeding. I was worried that I might be pregnant after I had unprotected s_x at the time of ovulation. I was due on my period on 9th Oct. But on the 7th I got what I though was my persiod. It was a very dark brown, and I was quite suprised when it only lasted the one day (But I had just started the pill so though that could have stopped the bleeding). Anyway I haven't had a spot of blood since. And now after reading the post on this site, I'm worried that the bleed I experienced on the Thursday may have been implantation bleeding. Does it soun like that to anyone else?? Does anyone think I'm pregnant?? Would a hpt show a real result yet, or do I need to leave it longer? Help!!!!!!!!


JILL - October 11




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