Could My Wife Be Pregnant

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TTIL - May 4

Good morning. My wife's last period started on April 20th. She normally has 30 day cycles. We had unprotected s_x on April 27,28 and 29. All three times I ejaculated outside. Yesterday (May 3rd) she got some brownish discharge and she thought she had gotten her period again because she felt bad cramps. The brownish discharge was only once and she is not feeling any cramps today. Could that have been implantation bleeding? Could she be pregnant? (My math doesnt add up, but we are both scared now and I wanted to consult with someone else) Thanks in advanced.


Grandpa Viv - May 4

She would most likely not ovulate until May 6th, cycle day 16 of 30. The brown discharge is probably some old blood that did not come down when it should with her last period. Which said, withdrawal s_x is not good birth control - on average it results in one pregnancy every four years when practiced well. GL!


TTIL - May 5

I dont know why she had cramps. ? I know some women experience some lower pain/cramps during ovulation but if she is supposed to ovulate around the 6th... her cramps came a little earlier... Thanks for your answer and time...!


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Was her April 20th period lighter than usual? Could she have gotten pregnant the previous cycle and had an in-pregnancy bleed (it happens about 25% of all pregnancies). Has she had other early signs of pregnancy the last couple of weeks (fatigue, PMS acting real weird, b___st and nip signs, appet_te and semll changes)? If this is the case a home test would most likely tell true any morning now. GL!


TTIL - May 6

Her last period was normal. She did a pregnancy test Monday night (I know night is not the optimal but we were nervous) and it came back negative. On Tuesday she did an ovulation test and it came back positive. I’m guessing if she was or was about to start ovulating, it means she is not pregnant. (I've read that even if you are pregnant the ovulation test may be positive because the hCG hormone is very similar to the LH. But if that was the case, I would have imaged that the pregnancy test being more sensitive would have picked it up and showed positive as well.) She has an appointment on Monday with her Ob/Gyn for a checkup. Make sure she doesn’t have any hormonal or thyroid problems.



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