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AloneNDepressed - January 23

Alright well this is my story, I am at a young age. I am with( was with) the man that loved dearly. Have been with him for over a year now. Well, we live far from each other so we have our emotins twisted in a bunch when it comes to missing each other and being jelous. Well, we had a fight about a week or so ago and have not talked since. He knew, that i was not feeling right( not that it was due to pregnancy) but left me hanging like if i ment nothing to him. He didnt call to see if i was arlight, nothing. He actually, was the one that had pregnncy at mind, but couldnt take the steop into seeing if anything has happend with that. If i recieved my period yet, or if im still feeling the same. Well now, i am a few days late. Feeling the same. Constantly having cramps but NO BLOOD. I called him up, and i left him a message( i knew that this is something that shouldnt of been said in a message but i had to get it out some how) and what has he done!?! NOTHING! He hasnt even called me back since that message to see how im doing, how im feeling, have i got any sign of bleeding, ect. What a &*^%^% a&& hole. I can not stand him what so ever. I love him and i show that i love this coward in many ways and this is what he is going to do to me. Well the thing is, i am very depressed. In a couple more days, if Aunt Flow does not appear, ia m going to test it out and see if i am pregnant or not, but i am very depressed. How could he leave me hanging by a thread like that? Almost like he doesnt care? I know that me and hm where fighting at that time that we stoped talking, but this has nothignt to do with OUR problmes it has to do with something that we might of created together and he is blowng it off like if it is nothing. I am depressed, i do not know even how to take it. Has any body been in a situation like this? Also, has any one been in a screwed relationship, but when found out pregnant, everything changed for the better? Im just so depressed. How could he do this to me!?! Act so careless and so unthoughtfull!


okay.. - January 24

You are calling him and telling him you are cramping and you don't even know if you are pregnant or not? Um Drrraaammmaaa. Go to school and quit worring about boys.


angel - January 24

forget about "okay...", i know you're in a scary situation, i have a had a pregnancy scare before, but luckily it ended up I wasn't. The only advice i can give you is talk to you r friends about how you feel or anybody else that loves you and understands you. if you dont have anyone like that to talk to you can call one of those pregnancy hotlines and they will hopefully help you out. I'm hoping that your bf isn't calling right now b/c he is scared, not b/c he doesn't care about you... but you can never tell with men, until they put a ring on your finger. I pray everything works out for you.



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