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Nj - February 22

Can you get pregnant if you have ovarian cysts?


Cutie - February 22

It is posible I heard. I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary how about you?


not sure - February 22

i have what syptoms say are cysts, but not sure, have an appt. on Mon. But i really want a baby. what are symptoms of yours?


Cutie - February 23

I am 21, have been married for 6 month, and 6 month ago I lost my virginity. Have a great husband and trying to concieve for about 3 month, but I've got a little problem here: I missed my NOV. menses, December came and they were little longer than usual and at the end I had a huge blood clot and no more period... In January, I first started spotting with pinkish/brownish and then it went to period but much, much less than my regular period and of course with blood clots, especially when I sit on the toilet. 4 Days after period "abnormal I should say" I started bleeding, not much but 3 huge clots came... I am sooooo mad and frustrated. I Thought first that it was implantation bleeding, then I thought it was a miscarriage, and today I've seen a doctor, and she said that she saw an ovarian cyst on my left ovary.She wanted to insert speculum but I was too scared because it started hurting, so she didnt.... I did a blood test and now waiting for results. She also sent me for a good ultrasound at Radiollogy, but because I am waiting for my insurance, I can not pay $1300 for ultrasound... I have to wait until March first. Please someone, do you know anything about ovarian cyst? All the info would be very helpful. I am just freaking out, because I want to concieve and my menses are sooo messed up and I have spotting....... SO TIRED OF THIS..... I am still bleeding with clots, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, back ache, like during menses... How about you?


nj - February 23

I'm so sorry to hear that:( i also have headaches but nothing else yet, i also want to know more about cysts. I wish you the best of luck cutie!!


relle - March 7

i really dont think you can get pregnant with a ovarian cyst because I knew i had my cyst since nov. 5, 2004 and me and my partner has been trying for 8 months now and still every month i get my period i mean i even went and got the first response sticks to tell me when i was fertile and still no luck so i think a cyst enables a woman to get pregnant


Wendy - March 26

Did you find out if you can get pregnant with cysts ?


NY - April 5

I have had an ovarian cyst in my right ovary for the past 6 months...after a miscarriage in july of last year, i continued to try to get pregnant again. I tried for so long, but every month my period came down. i was so depressed and scared that i had become infertile. After 8 months of trying, I found out this past weekend that i'm 5 weeks pg. Just because you have a cyst DOES NOT mean you can't get pg. Just keep trying. Best of luck to all!


Michelle - April 7

I am 18 nweeks pregnant and have a cyst on my left ovary too. Does anyone know if you have symptoms from this like a little back pain?


Shauna - April 15

I am pregnant with my second child. I have had bleeding cysts on both ovaries as well as endometriosis. I currently have a cyst on my left ovary and am 7 weeks pregnant. Anything is possible!


Audrea - April 19

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have anywhere up to 30 cysts on both ovaries and irregular periods. Doctor told me I would need extra hormone meds to help get pregnant or other infertility help. Not true. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and still have many cysts. If a cyst gets large enough it can hurt, and if it bursts it's as painful as a kidney stone. Real bad stabbing pain in your side and low abdomen area. Anything is possible.


sa__sha - April 20

if you have a abnormal cyst on both your ovaries can you get pregnant


Honey 29 yrs. Bahamas - April 28

I found out April 2004 I have a cyst on my right ovary, my doc had suggested that I have it surgecally removed, it is now April 2005 and I am now 7 weeks pregnant with my first child and so far everything is GREAT:) (did not have surgery) My husband & I are just putting our faith deeply in GOD! I WISH US ALL THE BEST:)


Amanda - May 9

What is sad is that i discovered i had cysts at the age of 17 and i am only 19 now. But i will tell you this you can get pregnant with ovarian cysts and still have your cysts while you are pregnant. Though it can cause problems.Because that is what happend with me. But just keep trying and it will happen you will be able to get pregnant. I have had many ultrasounds and they just tell me the cysts will go away....well about two weeks ago i was in the hospital for it. And they had me in there doing CT scans and ultrasounds and told me my cysts were irritated. Well now i am spotting and i will continue too do so until my cysts rupture. With cysts it just takes a little more time to get pregnant.


Brit - May 21

I am 3.5 months pregnant and have a cyst on my right ovary. I got pregnant the first time my husband and I tried. No problems.


lucie - May 23

im seven weeks pregnant and had to go for a scan today due to sharp pains id been experiencing,and a one of loss of a brown discharge when i wiped,it turned out during my scan that baby was fine but the pain was due to a large sist on my right ovary which had burst,i was sent away and told there is nothing to worry about and these are common,its really sore though.but as long as babys ok then i,ll put up and shut up.good luck guys


Michelle - June 14

I have a cyst on each ovary and I was able to get pregnant. I am only 5 weeks and a bit worried though. It took me 6 months to get pregnant with my cysts. Good luck to everyone.



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