Did You Get Pregnant From The WITHDRAWL METHOD

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destiny - December 13

Hello every one im new 2 this website, but i think its a great place. Well let me give u a overlook @ my story. I got Pregnant in june and lost my precious baby due 2 a missed miscarrige in which my baby died @ 7wks but i didnt have any signs, bld or pain, and found out @12wks. Needless 2 say im hurt &devastated, im 21 and this wouldve been my 1st baby. The pregnancy wasnt plan, ive been with my fiance for 6yrs. We were using the w/m & had an accident on 6/15/05, we decided on the morning after pill since we thought we werent ready...well that didnt work & i missed my period and took 3 p/t which were all +. Well 2 kind of end this long sad story, the day i thought we conceived from that accident wasnt the day, turned out that we conceived our precious baby on 6/9/05...so i wonder was it from prec_m or maybe sum sperm was released in me but we never knew...but i know if he did he wouldve said something, so maybe it was from prec_m but i dont know. Right now we plan on having a baby in another year after we buy our home, but if we got pregnant right now, we would be happy. And again we are using the w/m, so its welcomed. You never know what you have until its taken from you and losing a baby is the hardest thing 2 try 2 deal with b/c it hurts.


Michelle - December 13

Hi Destiny sorry about yor miscarrige, i have had a similar thing happen to me last month, me and my partnet were using withdrawel and i became pregnant but had a misscarrige about 2 weeks later :-( I am not sure wither whether it was from pre sum or my partner did not pull out completly in time? so sorry i couldnt fully answer your question.


destiny - December 13

Michelle im sorry 4 ur lost, i know how it is 2 lose ur baby. I have no idea but i was kinda shock b/c i thought i got pregnant when he came in me, but it wasnt, so i have no clue. But now i feel so empthy and all i want is 2 hold my baby, and i know u cant replace a lost. How long we u and ur man using the w/m?


Michelle - December 14

hi destiny i have used the w/m about 3 times, and i think i got caught about about the second time, it is horrible when you lose the baby, me and my partner were using this method as we didnt mind either way if we got pregnant (we are going to try official in July) but since losing the baby i am just hoping time will hurry up so i can try again. again ime really sorry for your loss and i understand just how much you want to hold your baby. I am just on my way out but i will check back in if you want to chat


destiny - December 15

So are you on any type of bc? I think there is a small chance i could be again...and im a bit scared, maybe im not ready yet? But a/f is suppose 2 arrive around 12/21/05...we will see if it does come and if indeed im preggo, its gonna be so scarey, just the thought of having another m/c.


Michelle - December 16

I got pregnant from the withdrawl method. I wasn't on b/c at the time. I hope all goes well and sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you the best of luck!


Charlotte - December 21

It's sad about your loss and i have been using the withdrawal method and tyhe 1st time i had s_x with the withdrawal method Iot pregnant. Now I have 2 cute twin girls. I wasTrying to get pregnant.


honest guy - December 21

My daughter was conceived by withdrawal method!! sorry about your loss, my fiance had the same thing happen this year.



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