Does A Man Know Before You

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Tina - March 2

I had s_x with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and I remember him telling me that i was pregnant, and I just looked at him, like yeah right! But I heard that some men know when they've got a woman pregnant even before she knows is that true or not. Just want to know!


Ginger - March 2

My husband and I had the best s_x ever when he looked at me and said, "I know that I got you pregnant." Turns out, I was. Then another time (3 years later) we had s_x and I remember his smiling and saying, "You know, that felt way too good- I got you pregnant." And guess what... I was. We just had s_x the other night and it was incredible and he is saying that he got me pregnant again. I will not know until March 17 but I will be sure to let you know if I am.


Ginger - March 2

I have also read somewhere that if you just had the most amazing s_x, then it means you just got pregnant.


bump - March 5



Jenn - March 5

My husband was telling me I was pregnant for a couple of weeks before we found out. I didn't even think I was pregnant, but took a test just so he would stop telling me I was everytime I said I was tired. And now 6 months later I am 7 months pregnant, one of the few times I will admit he was right :)


Ginger - March 5

To Tina- Are you pregnant? When my husband said that he got me pregnant, I think that he was right. Things are different for me already, and I do not think it is all in my head. Oh well, I will find out soon and keep you posted.


~S~ - March 10

The night my bf and I believed I conceived was the best s_x we've ever had and for some reason, he felt he knew he got me pregnant. When I went to my doctor and found out my approx conception date, it matched. Also, well before we officially found out, he knew and was weirdly having sympathy symptoms along with me LOL..I know that sounds silly, but everytime I felt ill he felt ill. He said this happened before with his other daughter and that's when he told me I was pregnant, but I didn't believe him. We even made a $50 bet on it...Unfortunaly for me, I lost the bet. LOL.


Ginger - March 15



Mekeisha - March 16

yes it is most of them can tell & even fell pregnantcy symthoms also even craveings



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