Does Anyone Else Know This

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kel - August 24

I have read so many things on this web site about oh we had unprotected s_x. could i be preg. Doesnt anyone else know that there is about a 24 hour window that you have to be in to get preg to begin with....What is wrong with everyone that is what ovulation test are for that is why there are the 24 hour peeks good luck to all who think that they know it all on this web site maybe one day some of these women will get the real information...I would hate to see half of you in a s_x education class in these schools these days


intrested - August 22

What do you mean a 24 hour windos?


LOL - August 23

You are so wrong its not even funny. The reason there are ovulation predicatiom kits is for ppl who are having a difficult time conceiving to know when there prime fertile time would be. You need to read abook that you didn't write yourself about this subject. And for the ppl that might even start to think this c___p is correct ... plz, DON'T. You'll be sry. Both sperm and egg live longer than 24 hours inside a females body.


kel - August 23

exactly lol prime fertile time which is a 24 hour window. I never said sperm lives only 24 hours in the body sperm can live up to 3 days in the body while a egg has to be implanted within the first 24 hours of release inorder to be fertile 48 hours at the latest YOu are the one that needs to read not necessarley a book but something that might make you a little smarter than what you really think you are you just proved my point


Jess - August 24

A women is said to be fertile about five days or so during her cycle. In which if she is producing fertile cervical egg-white or watery mucus and has intercourse, the sperm can live within the women's body for up to five days. For those trying to conceive, it has been suggested that women have intercourse the days preceeding ovulation and the day of ovulation (if you know when you are ovulating). Ovulation kits are for women whose cycles are irregular from month to month. Once an egg is released it begins its journey towards the uterus and if it is not fertilized by a sperm (already waiting) within 24 to 48 hours it begins to break down. They key is knowing when you ovulate within your cycle and if your cycle is irregular that trying to conceive is a more difficult task to accomplish.



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