Don T Want To Have Sex Now That I M Pregnant

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piratesmermaid - February 22

We weren't trying for a baby, it just happened. But now that I am pregnant, I don't want to have s_x at all. I'm 19 weeks along, and everyone tells my husband and me that the second trimester is the "honeymoon trimester". That hasn't been the case at all! We've tried, but it's so uncomfortable for me, whether it's my back or he's pushing against my belly, or a headache or nausea. I feel like my body is trying to reject him when we try. Why is this? Is there anyone else that is going through the same thing? How normal is it?


piratesmermaid - February 23

Please don't tell me I'm the only one with this problem.


little_snowball - February 23

HA yeah right. a lot of women go through this, and some have an increased s_x drive. i happen to be on the "rejecting" side of the fence with you. it's just your horomones acting up. some women even have fantasies or dirty dreams about other men, and some women start to dislike their partners whom they really love. My boyfriend thinks i don't like him anymore or he is bad in bed. that is not the case at all, i have just lost my desire. and trust me, i was nothing like this before the pregnancy. you are not alone, even if other women don't want to admit it. this is a common thing, and it will most likely pa__s after you have the baby and get back on your feet.


Same Here - February 25

Same thing has been happening to me since about 24 weeks. Now I'm almost 37 weeks, and it's gotten worse. With my other pregnancies I didn't have a problem at all. But with this one, I've felt what you're feeling, and worse. I can't even stand the smell, or sight of my husband now. I can't even stand to hear his voice when he's flirting with me. It's very frustrating. I'm in the mood when I'm alone and he's at work. But once it's time to get down to business, I close up like a clam, and nothing can pry me open again. I've tried doing it without being in the mood, but that really hurts. And it sucks because I wanted to plan on trying s_x to bring on labor when the time comes. We've gone from about three times a week, to one time a week trying, and nothing happening. Some nights it's embara__sing, some it's depressing, and other night's it makes me mad at him, and want to beat him! I don't know what to do. I used to feel s_xy being pregnant. Now I just feel in the back of my mind, like an overgrown whale, even though he still acts interested. Plus I've had bad acid when laying down, and some infections, which neither help the circ_mstances. I could go on forever with reasons why I just CAN'T do it anymore. Even Antonio Banderas doesn't turn me on anymore! Nothing or no one does.



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