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muffin - August 18

Lately, I have been very irritable and have had to pee more frequently. Is it possible to get signs of pregnancy during the week you had s_x? Is it because I was ovulating maybe? He didn't come inside of me, but there was definately pre-come.


Lizabeth - August 17

I am trying to get pregnant and am wondering if anyone has had hot flashes at night with pregnancy? I have been feeling this for about a week, along with slight nausea only for a few minutes right when I wake up. I have looked at the early signs of pregnancy and have not seen this listed (the hot flasehes) Anyone have any experience with this? Could this be an early sign? Thank you.


Trista - August 17

To Muffin. I felt I was pregnant not even two weeks after I conceived. I had the same symptoms. I was also very emotional. To Lizabeth. I am now 32 weeks pregnant, and In my first trimester I did experience hot flashes, If you feel nausea when you get up try eating a cracker or two before getting up. Even if you don't find it listed anywhere, just remember every woman as different symptoms of of pregnency.


Lizabeth - August 18

Sorry, I just realized that I didn't post to the board, but on your question...sorry about that! :)


Monique - December 23

when i went for my appointment today my OB/GYN said that i was 5 centimeters and she sent me to the hospital but once i got there they sent me home becasue my water did'nt brake like how long will it be before i go into active labor?


Deondra - December 26

I was just sick with a high temp. My stomach aches mildy. I also have hot flashes. My period is suppose to be here either today or tomorrow, and I don't have signs of it coming. my b___st aches from time to time.I,ve had headache,and make runs to the bathroom, mainly before and during bedtime.


carmel - January 13

My boyfriend and me had unprotected s_x, but my peroid does not come until the end of the month. But i feel nausa, and headaches could i still be pregnant?


ashley - February 2

I want to be pregnent but people make me afraid to get pregnent what should i do and im only 15 ill be 16 in september thank you


Mandy - February 16

To Ashley ~ You should be afraid to get pregnant at 16! No matter how ready you may think you feel, you need to live more of your own life before being 100% responsible for someone else's. You would not be able take care of a baby right now in the way that the baby would need - emotionally, financially, physically . . . when the time is more right, don't be afraid: it's wonderful. But for someone so young, it should and would be scary. The fact that you are asking strangers for help in making this decision shows that you are not ready - when you are ready, you won't have to ask. You will feel it, not in your head, but deep in your heart and soul. Being a mother is about much more than having a baby. Please wait.


snowbunny - February 20

YES! theres a big chance u r pregnet pre c_m is more dangerous than just regular c_m and freguency is a early sign ur pregnet ......its ok i thynk i mite b too


Could be expecting - March 8

Im not quite sure if im pregnant or not, but ive been taking this diane 35 and it says i should be vomiting and such...but i think i could be you know. Ive recently been having hot flashes and ive been getting sick like a lot lately.Well what do you guys think


Ginger - March 9

I have been very tired and emotional and I think that this is a sign of pregnancy for me because I have two kids and this is what has always happened. I will find out March 17 if I am or not.


Ginger - March 15



Cristy - March 21

I was 2 days late on my period and when it did come, it wasn't like any other period I've had before. It was extremely light and spotty. Actually, it would stop for 4 or 5 hours at a time and then some bleeding would occur. My periods last 6-7days and go from light to heavy to light again. This was not a normal period!!! There was no sign of my uterus emptying anything, just fresh looking bright red blood. Plus, I never get cramps, b___st tenderness, or lower back ache. I have taken about 5 tests and they are all neg. These symptoms have been going on for 2 weeks and now I have hot flashes, flashes of pain in my b___sts and very annoying chills. The chills and hot flashes are my concern. I've never hears of these as symptoms to pregnancy. Mainly the chills/goosebumps/freezing for 2 minutes and then burning up the next!!! Please help, am I pregnant?


Jemmy - March 23

I think im pregnant as i missed a period (i stopped takin the pill a month n half ago n dint have a period) ive now started to get bad hedaches, tender b___sts (particularly nipples) n bloated. i took a test 3days b4 i was due to come on and it was negative. i then had unprotected s_x and he ejaculated inside me. this was around 3weeks ago. i think im pregnant but scared as i have already had 3negative results in the past and i dont want to cause a fuss if it is going to be negative agen. please can any mothers give me advice on what i should do. im 18. Thanks.


jennifer - April 14

maybe because sometimes when their you know comes out and they don't even know it comes out but i think it's to early to be feeling some symptoms but just in case go and check!!!!!!!!


Melanie - May 25

Well I've been worrying a lot lately, because I'm scared that I might be pregnant! My boyfriend and I had protected s_x, but I'm scared about the pre-c_m!! I'm suppose to get my period soon...and if I don't I don't know what I'm going to do!! If I do get pregnant it's my fault because I knew all along about everything and I still fooled around without a condomhe didn't c_m inside of me, but I know that doesn't mean anything!!...what should I do?



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