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Tasha - December 1

My boyfriend and I are getting to the stage where we like to experiment with our s_x lives. I was wondering if urinating on me is okay while your pregnant?


mwah - December 1

eewww thats ok but very gross


Julie - December 2

Hi Tasha, experiments..but i should say its fine its not going on the inside of you your babys safe just make sure you have a good wash after :)


To Tasha - December 2

That makes me sick! I believe in experimenting and having fun but that is disguisting! Who came up with that? You or your bf?


YUCK - December 2

That is SO GROSS. Something is wrong if that turns you or him on. There is somethng wrong. Maybe i'm missing something but i think if that happened to me i would be mad! Very strange!


Tasha - December 2

We are both into experimenting. It was both of our ideas. Don't knock it tell you try it. It is kinda exciting.


redeem - December 2

well as long as you stay together I don't see what's wrong with it. Ur spicing up ur relationship, and that's a good thing. but make sure that ur not too rough. hey, how far along are u Tasha?


Tasha - December 2

3 months


YUCK - December 3

I'm going to knock and i'm NOT trying it! Both of your are strange, there is something wrong.


redeem - December 3

well good luck to you your boyfriend and your baby. Let us know what u 2 like the best without the graphic detail.


Tasha - December 4

Well the experience was actually quite arousing. We were in the shower so there wouldn't be ne thing to clean up and it wouldn't be messy. The warm feeling is a huge turn on! Afterwards we washed off and played around in the shower for a bit. I would do it again. Not all the time but again. It may sound gross but at least I can say that i have tried it.


Dad3Be - December 9

Good on ya Tasha! Don't listen to the knockers, my opinion is if it feels good and doesn;t hurt the baby go for it! I do have a question though, my wife is 3 mths preg and we r into a___l s_x, is there any risk in still having a___l s_x during pregnancy?


Tasha - December 11

My boyfriend and I still have a___l s_x but only if it really feels comfortable and we always use protection because of the high risk of infection! Good Luck!



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