Fingered And No Period In 2 Weeks

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Ash - August 28

I got fingered the other nite well over a week ago and i was suppose to have my period like 2 weeks ago almost 2 weeks. It still hasnt came yet He touched himself b4 he did finger me. I read the symtoms of being pregnant and like all those happened im really nervouse and soo is he? What should i do. wait?


lil77 - October 15

you are probably not are just paranoid just wait a little bit and if your period is a week late go to your doc


Dont stress - October 18

You are absolutely not pregnant. It is impossible to get pregnant from a finger. Just settle down and your period will come


pjay - October 25

Oh dear i think you will be pregnant. Everyone knows thats the way to get pregnant. Thats what fingers are for...


Christina - November 3

You're just paranoid. I highly doubt your pregnant. And the more you think about not having your period, and want it to come, it wont! [its called stress]! lol, so dont stress, it will come.


Kayle - November 3 they not teach any sort of s_xual education in schools anymore?? You need to speak to an adult about how babies are made if your question is truly genuine!!!


jb - November 12

Thats the same situation i am in. except he rinsed his hand. but im not sure since it happend 3 days ago


Dawn - November 12

Now, did the guy have a big ole handfull of the stuff before he fingered you? Cause I do believe you have to get SOME of the little spermies in you before you get a baby....


Crystal - November 16

I had my period October 13th and got off of it on the October 19th and today is November 16th and I hadn't got my period and I've had unprotected s_x and I really scared. I don't have any symptoms but my boyfriend is scaring me.? help what does this mean?


to crystal - November 17

womens periods don't stay perfect, its perfectly normal to have irregular periods...but take a test to make sure ok?


Crystal - November 17

thank you for your advice


unknown - November 20

eeerr i bet he has FISHY FINGERZZZ!!



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