For All Of You That Are Considering An Abortion-pg55

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??? - August 4

For all you women and girls that are thinking about having an abortion because you are all too young to have children, but not too young to have s_x, and other stupid things that you think of ; here is something for you. Go on the internet and type in: If that does not work try typing in : fetus pictures in utero and click # 34. Hopefully this is an eye opener for all of you.


to ??? - August 4

First let me say those pictures are absolutely heartbreaking. I have an 1 year old and I am in my 3rd month of pregnancy.I am only 21. when i found out i was pregnant this time all i did was cry. i have a wonderful husband of 3 years but when will i finish school? when will i get to achieve my goals? i used birth control.. the depo shot. i was already pregnant when i got the shot. i got it the first day of what ended up being a three day period and i guess it was too early for my pregnancy to be detected in the urine because the urine test that give you befroe giving you the shot came out negative. Anyway abortion was not an option because I would rather be a wife and mother of 2 at 21 then to risk living the rest of my life regretting aborting my baby. HOWEVER I am not against abortion. I believe that in some cases abortions may be necessary and the only person that truly knows whether it is or not is the mother and father of that unborn child. there are some people who use abortion as a form of birth control, there are some who know that they can not take care of a baby. No it isn't the baby's fault and yes a life is lost but I think we must also continue to respect eachother's right to do what we think is best for our own bodies. I know some people may say where is the respect for the unborn child! I understand I am not pro-abortion I just try to understand other people's positons. I don't think it's fair for you to call people's reasons for having an abortion stupid although I respect yuor pa__sion on the subject.



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