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LIFE - April 5

PLEASE VIEW THIS: A life is a life, be it a few cells or an adult... don't commit murder.


Jes - April 5

Abortion is NOT murder!! We're free to do what we want with our bodies, get over it! Get a d__n life!!


jodie - April 5

abortion is not murder. that is the most ridiclouse thing ive ever heard if a teenager or a young adult found out they were going to have a baby and was not prepared financially or mentally and cant support her baby and isn't ready then she shud not be having one and HAS EVERY RIGHT to have an abortion


Jessica - April 5

well, i have to agree. i know most people don't look at it that way or rather can't look at it that way because of the guilt it would bring. but seriously if a baby isn't aborted properly sometimes it can still be alive and can live for several hours before dying and sometimes if it's far enough along they can cry. the heart starts beating almost right away and NO ONE can tell me that something that has a beating heart isn't alive. all you have to do is get a doctor to show you and you can hear the heart...


----- - April 5

ever heard of adoption? if you're not ready...don't have s_x, or take precautions


life - April 5

to Jes- I have a MOTHER gave it to me.


Molly - April 5

First of all, abortion is not murder. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, a woman cannot be prosecuted for aborting a baby. In my opinion, a woman must have the right to CHOOSE. If you don't want to have an abortion, that is fine. But don't force your religious beliefs or values on others. That is one of the great things about this country is that we are tolerant of all religions and beliefs. Yes, there are alternatives such as adoption. But first of all, foster houses are incredibly overcrowded as it is. People would rather not adopt (hence in vitro and things of that nature). However, not only are foster houses overcrowded, but they are known for being very unsafe (believe me, I know). If a young girl gets pregnant, I do not think she should be forced to have the baby as a form of punishment. All I can say is that while I do firmly support a woman's right to choose, I am mature enough and intelligent enough to also appreciate why a woman may not want an abortion. If you want to overturn Roe v. Wade, fine. I guarantee you that the next day, women will return to using coat hangers.


THINK - April 7

I think if you have an abortion than you are going to hell. All the girls or woman that have abortions always say they weren't ready to have a baby or not prepared, you shouldn't be having s_x. When you open you legs(no matter how much protection you use)you are taking the chances on getting pregnant. And if feel you need to have an abortion good luck in hell because that is where you are going. Face reality and think before you open your legs.


bunz - April 18

How is it not murder? It is Alive. You are doing something that causes it to cease to live. Therefore it was murdered. Is that morally wrong that is where the debate is, not if its murder.


hmm - April 18

So I shouldnt drive a car unless I am sure I won't be in a car accident?


Melissa - April 19

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I would never have an abortion. But other people are different and do what they fell is right.


understand - April 20

everyone is in a different situation, it could be rape, young age, or so own, don't judge or make some one feel bad about abortion, or u will go to hell for saying such terrible things, u r not god u cannot judge anyone that is what he does, and people can be forgiven for their sins. u r free of ur opinion but don't judge or call people names this is very wrong, state ur facts and ur reason don't just call names ie"murder" if u don't believe in abortions thats fine go out and educate youth about safe s_x and birth controll do something in ur community! don't use this website to vent out, this web site is for advice and support!! try to understand


Tarah - April 20

Abortion is murder because you're killing an innocent baby. Abortion should be illegal because there's nothing good about it. It's just an easy way out for irresponsible and immature women. If you fool around without protection, you should be made to live with the consequences, not just be able to throw an innocent life down the drain! If you have the mentality that "Oh, if I get pregnant, I can just have an abortion!", then you shouldn't even be having s_x in the first place. With s_x comes responsibilty and there should be commitment! That's why it's not a good idea to have premarital s_x, because believe it or not, accidents happen! Also, there are other ways to deal with not being prepared financially or mentally, like adoption!


lisa - April 22

abortion is not murder and there is nothing wrong with premarital s_x. deal with it.


Tarah - April 22

Wow Lisa, you sure told me!!! I think I may just change my mind based on what you said.....or maybe I have common sense and know the downsides of it!!! The Lord thinks there's a lot wrong with premarital s_x and abortion and just because society is "okay" with it doesn't make it right!


kerry - April 24

abortion is murder.. if u don't want a kid don't have s_x.. but if u get raped thats a different story


Nick - April 28

Abortion is not murder, u idiot!



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