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Pootin in Paris - April 8

Why does it seem like I need to poot so much these days? Is it because of my baby? Does this mean my baby will have alot of gas when he comes out. Can he smell poots in there?>


Nonna - April 8

You might try some Gas X and then maybe you should try carrying a portable fan with you so you can fan the smell away from yourself.


Domino - April 8

OMG! that is a question I have bben dying to find out about. I can't wait to see others input on this. Thanks.


Nurse Biz - April 8

I think gas is natural and your body is going through alot of changes while pregnant. The best thing to do would be to stay away from ga__sy foods like beans and broccoli. I know that if needed you can have a TUMS or take a Zantac. Those are safe. Try to avoid letting one go under the covers because it will be trapped under there and that is bad for anyone that moves the covers. Beware of the ones that really sting while coming out. They usually lead to diarreah. As for carrying a fan, I dont think that is neccesary, just blame it on the closest unsuspecting person.


roto - April 8

I always have been embarra__sed to have gas in front of my husband but now that I am pregnant, I can't help it, I have to let go sometimes. He doesn;t mind because he does it all of the time but he wants to know why all of a sudden he smells all of these smells from me. I can;t explain it so I tell him it is the baby. What will I do if I am like this forever?


bianca - April 8

I once was in the tub and I had really bad gas. It made me so sick that I almost threw up in the tub because the smell rose to the top of the water. I have only been having gas like this since I have been pregnant and I think that it is just something that we all go through. I once ate some pintos and cheese from Taco Bell and I thought that I had food poison but then I finally let out a toot and I felt so much better. I think that it is important that everyone knows that holding in your gas only makes things worse. I have some orange body spray in my ppurse and sometimes I use it to cover up the smell of my gas. If I am in a car, for instance, and I accidentally let out a toot, I always immediately pull out the spray and pretend like I am freshening up, when really all I am doing is sparing all of the others in the car from smelling that bad smell. I know that toots stink and especially when you smell one that has a smell that you dont recognize. I call these starnger farts. I hate that. like when you are at WalMart and someone lets one and you walk right through it. people be courteous enough to wait until no one is around and then make a mad dash off that aisle. Otherwise, someone might think that there is a major spill on that aisle and call the supervisor. I want everyone to be proud of what they have done, don;t get me wrong but come on and toot wisely. I hope this helps.



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