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curious - January 5

gotten pregnant by semen coming into contact with the va___a WITHOUT intercourse during your fertile time? Yes, I do know it is possible, but I'm just wondering if it has happened to any of you. thanks


curios - January 6



hottmomaof6 - January 7

yes it is possible. and sperm do swim. if this happened to you be careful. and check.


Jbear - January 7

to katziiz...what the original poster is talking about is the man ejaculating, then fingering the woman while he has s____n on his hands...or something similar. Probably she had some sort of s_xual activity, but not intercourse, and now her period is late, so she looked it up and saw that she should have been ovulating during the time that she had the activity. To curious, if that is your situation, wait until you're a week late, then take a test. It's not likely to get pregnant that way, but it's not impossible either.


Curios - January 8

To Jbear--Yes, you seemed to understand what I meant. And I guess you're right, I'll just have to wait. I was just hoping to get some peoples' insights. Thank-you! To Katziiz--you are the one who needs some education! Many women get pregnant by self-insimination with sperm or something similar to that! You really shouldn't laugh at others just because you don't know an issue to be true--no, my dear the world is not flat!!!!! And yes, I am very aware of my fertility signs and have been for years. -------Anyone else with some insight?


Curios - January 9

I didn't mean 'with sperm or something similar to that" LOL I meant self-insimination or something similar to that; with s____n (sperm).


curios - January 9

Anyone else with some insight?


Heather L - January 9

It happened to me. I got pregnant when I was younger...(17) for some reason I really WANTED a baby. *lol* I love my son alot, but it was too young. Anyways, we always pulled out. Well I put my hand inthe c_m and rubbed it down there and I missed my very next period and was pregnant. Nothing I am proud of, that's for sure.


interesing - January 10

curious, i doubt you're prego like that. i mean if you do it delibrately maybe. its obviously not impossible. but i mean unless your hand or his has was just soaking in his sperm, i doubt it. so relax, or if you're really worried about go buy a Home Preg. test and check. Good Luck ;)


Curios - January 10

Thank-you, interesting and Heather for your comments. I know, the only way to find out is to take a test. But, I'm not going to unless my af becomes late. Thanks, though!-----Oh, Heather, did you only do that once and you got pregnant? Wow! (it seems like teenage girls are so fertile, doesn't it?)


sb - January 12

handbags at ten paces people!!! i have to back up katziiz here. it is impossable to get pregnant with out intercourse (ivf, ai, etc excluded). heathers pregnancy was most likely due to sperm present in the pre-ejaculate or else her guy hadnt the self control to pull out. if you dont want to be pregnant then what are you doing having s_x with out a condom? never mind the diseases you are putting yourself at risk of contracting. sorry for sounding like a bitter auld fishwife but seriously, think about it,a warty, syph infested vag isnt good.


curios - January 14

Well, I am due for af anytime, but no sign of her. Did you all see the latest post in "pregnant from fingering"? She claims her friend who's late is indeed pregnant from the s____n being transmitted by a finger. Hmmm, makes you wonder. By the way, is constipation and lots of BM's a sign? I usually get diarrhea (from the prostaglandins) before af. Thanks everyone and have a great day!


curios - January 15

just an update: still no af, but sometimes I'm just late. My bb's sure have been getting progrssivly sore the last week or so; nothing severe, but noticable so and feel heavy. I think I'll wait and see if af comes tomarrow. Maybe I'll test on Tuesday. The thing is I know I ovualted on Sun/Mon 2 weeks ago. Who knows, though, I've been late before.


curios - January 15

Oh, and I forgot--I've started having a tingling (like a cold shiver) in my right nipple today. Has anyone had this before?


Masha - February 2

Hi Curious! Don't listen to KATZIIZ she's probably a very unhappy person. I am a medical student and I think it is possible to get pregnant from fingering(as from any type artificial insemination), but it will depend on whether you're ovulating, and how much sperm you actually get a hold of on your finger and how deep you push it. Maybe you should buy a syringe, and if he comes anywhere on your body, go to the bathroom and just try to collect as much sperm as you can on a cup and then insert it with the syringe (if possible) http://homeinseminations.homestead.com/syringes.html Good Luck!


curios - February 26

Hey, Masha I just now saw your reply. Thanks for writting.



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