Having Sex With My Sister In Law

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bigdog9678 - April 22

The other day my sister in law and brother ask me to come over and they have something to talk to me about. They told me that they wanted to try an open marriage cause they heard it will help there marriage out. So last night, my sister in law and I got a room and had s_x. My brother ok with both of us having s_x. She has 2 daughters and 1 son which are my nieces and nephew. If she ends up pregnant cause neither one of us used protection and she knows I want to have a child of my owned, 1) what will the baby be to my nephew, nieces, and my brother. 2) Has anyone ever had this experience and last 3) How should we feel about having s_x and going out on dates and all.


bigdog9678 - April 22

I also wanted to add that she willing to start a relationship with me while still married to my brother. All three of us is okay with that, How should we tell our parents about this?


Grandpa Viv - April 22

1) Any child would be your son/daughter, half brother/sister to the existing kids, and nephew/niece to your brother. I don't think I would lay this on the kids, the family or anyone else. 2) I have a brother who had an open marriage agreed to on both sides, but things started to get tense when a second woman and her child arrived in the house. They now get along well enough, though his first wife has another steady. The financial ramifications got tricky. 3) There's no reason you can't go out to dinner or on vacation as a threesome. As long as nobody is feeling guilty or jealous about the s_xual arrangements there's no reason to obsess about that either - just make sure to do a verbal check each time you try this. I think it is important for you to figure out what problems they have been having with their marriage - probably something s_xual. How do they feel your participation will help - is one man not enough for her - does he have his eyes on someone else? You may end up stuck with your brother's family. When their problems are resolved will you then be dumped? There are any number of ways that someone could eventually get hurt. I think you would be well advised to use conraception so you know the next child is not yours. The parents will not take kindly to this information - it will make the family look odd to their friends. Let them figure it out on their own if they want. Best of luck!



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