He Doesn T Seem To Want Me Sexually

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feefee - April 1

I am 27 weeks pregnant and my fiance and I are both very happy about it. My problem is that my lebido is very high and my fiance doesn't seem to want s_x. If I do get him to want it, it is only after I give him oral and he doesn't give me ANY foreplay. I don't want my br___ts played with right now (obviously) and that's all he plays with. I need more than that. And the only comfortable position is from behind (that I don'e like in the first place). I could keep going but could I get some help on this stuff first? PLEASE.........


Miranda - April 3

OK I totally am having the same problem, I am actually 27 weeks as of today and my husband has appeared very disinterested in having s_x since about 20 weeks. When I ask him about it he says - you have a baby in there. His comments used to be he was afraid to put a dent in his head - cause harm of some sort. I thoroughly explained, everything was fine, I am having a very healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and it is perfectly ok. I am a Neonatal RN so generally he really trusts everything I say. The problem worsened. He doesn't even touch my b___sts anymore. I want s_x all the time and he never ever shows any interest. Now he says that I seem more like a saint - something holy and it just isn't right. He tells me he does find me beautiful but is just not s_xually attracted to me, because it just isn't right to want to have s_x with a pregnant woman. I have cried everyday this week IT hurts me so much, I do feel discusting. This lack of s_xual attention is really depressing me and bringing me down. I have expressed myself numerous times, I asked if we could just have outers_x - ma__sages, foreplay, and he seemed to understand but then when we started the ma__sage - it sucked, there was not touching of the privates, a professional ma__sae has been more sensual, then ofcourse he is done and has things to do - at 11pm... Anyway I have shown him articles that s_x is safe and have expressed my needs and I don't know what else to do. I suppose I will go get some toys for myself, but that just won't do it, i need the intimate time with him. Any suggestions. Sorry for no answer feefee but I am having the exact same problem. I am also very new to this forum.


C - April 7

Better get ready for a long ride, until after the baby is born because 9 out of 10 men don't like to have s_x with a preg women after they get to far along, they actually go as far as cheating my man did it and most of my married friends husbands did it, I'm not trying to discourage you but it happens, start a thread on how many think their men are not s_xually attracted any more or cheat and see the responses


A guy - April 8

Cheating on your pregnant wife, that is terrible. I know there are some people that do anyway, but you can't get much more messed up than that. I am a guy in marriage for about 2 yrs. He might be nervous about hurting the baby. You should maybe talk to him about this. Ask him what his feelings are. I know that is an easy solution, and if you could, you probably would have already. But from a guys point of view, I would want my wife to tell me if she feels unwanted. The whole b___st situation, maybe he is not sure what else gets you going. Some guys don't know about that little spot on the neck, lol. Honestly, you should talk with him about this. Not much advice, but I hope it helped.


smart - April 8

I would tell him to stop being so lazy and put put or get out and don't pout or you'll kick him in the snout.


likey - April 8

recommend that he shave his b___s and tea bag you.


haha - April 12

he can at lease kiss you in tell you how pretty you are, he can also kiss your stomach in rub it in also kiss around your neck. but i heard from my doctor that oral s_x while you are pregnant is not good but just in case just ask your doctor. tell him he need to tighting up on his job. dont please him if he is not trying to please you, just wait until you know he want it. in when he do turn him down by saying i dont want it to hurt the baby.


Bella - April 18

My husband did want to come near me either after I was about 5 months. Then I was scared to have s_x after the baby was born and still a little angry that he had rejected me so much that we didn't have s_x for about 5 months. Now my son is almost two and we have s_x about twice a month. I'm pregnant with my second and I don't know if we will ever have a normal s_x life again. I found the best thing for me to do is masturbate and not worry about him anymore.


azeez - May 11

i love u



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