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Confused Lady - March 16

After my husband and I had intercourse, I was told to put a pillow underneath my butt and raise my legs for 20 minutes. However, after I stood up, there always seems to be some spillage of the sperms. Shouldn't the sperms stayed "inside"? Is that normal? Also, am I supposed to pee after the intercourse? Will that reduce my changce of getting pregnant? Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!


sophy - March 16

yeah its normal.i use to worry about that,but you gotta remember that he release millions of sperm,so even if some comes out,or most of it,there is prob still about 1000 or more in you trying to get to your egg.the reason you put the pillow under your b___t is to help the sperm get there quicker and dust ***


L - March 17

if you lay still for 20 minutes, that gives most of them time to swim 'upstream'. and remember, you only want the strong, healthy ones to reach your egg, and those will be the first ones there. Its the slow, bad ones that will come back out.


~S~ - March 18

LOL...I've always wondered about these "myths" I'm not sure if I can believe them or not. After my bf c_ms in me, I almost always feel some spillage, when he c_ms he c_ms a lot, so i'm pretty sure it's normal for some of it to leak out. I also almost alway go to the bathroom afterwards. I don't particularly like the feeling of it dripping down my thighs and a__s while I'm laying in bed's kinda uncomfortable...So, this is just to say, I didn't lay still for 20mins, I didn't raise my legs or put a pillow under my a__s, some c_m did spill out and I did go to the bathroom afterwards and look at me now...16weeks pregnant. =o)


Glory - March 18

I think that some sperm will always leak out. Sometimes after s_x I will just roll over to go to sleep, and when i wake up and get out of bed, it is still leaking out. Other times I will shower immediatley, but still the whole day the sperm leaks out. Gross!!!! But the good news is that I am 8 months pregnant now, so leaking sperm isn't gonna prevent it.


Confused Lady - March 19

Thank you ladies for sharing your "sperm spillage" experiences. =) Whew (sigh of relieve) least I know I don't need to hold off on peeing. =) Yeah, it does get pretty gross having to stay in bed for 20 minutes with your legs up in the air and feeling the c_ms stripping down your thighs. ;-)



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