HELP Getting Pregnant As A Virgin Possible

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HELPHELP - January 20

here's what happened: my girl and i tried doing it for the first time (she's still a virgin).. i'm sure i had pre-c_m right before doing any insertion... i tried inserting my p__s twice and each time only lasted for just a couple of seconds... also, my p__s did not went all the way in, just to the point where the hymen is.... after that two times, we stopped.. in other words, we didn't actually continue to have our first s_x because it was too painful for my girlfriend getting her hymen ripped... it has now been 2 days since this happened and my girlfriend was in the 3rd week after her last period..... and lately, she said she feels a little pain on her lower belly... we're really kinda worried about her getting pregnant... can somebody help us? we need opinions... how much possibility can she get pregnant out of this?


hey - January 27

I wouldnt worry about it until she actually misses her period. You guys didnt use a condom your first time? Well thats not the case tell her not to think about it because that can actually make her period late. There is also certain cases where if youve never had s_x before it messes up ur cycle dont stress it..


mary - February 2

if her hymen is not broken then there is no way any sperm could travil up to where it is needed to get her pregnant. also it is very common to have slight pain before a period she probably doesn't normally pay any attention to it but now she is paranoid about it get a pregnancy test to put your minds at ease, i bet you it's negative


lisa - February 3

she can still can pregnant even if her hymen is not broken...please wear a condom for now on so you won't have to's not worth it. Just be aware that prec_m can contaim sperm, which can cause pregnancy. Does she know when she ovulated (its when the discharge is thicker and whiter that during the rest of the month) if this occured after ovulation there is no need to worry. However, if it happened during ovulation or a couple days before there could be a slight risk of pregnancy. Remember: be cool, wrap your tool!


Dakota - February 3

SHES PREGNANT!!!!!!! Trust me boy i went through the same things and i had pains in my lower belly and it hurt like crazy and i was in my third week of my last period and i got pregnant wen i was 14 and now i am 16 so i know what your little girl friend is going through email me back or add me on msn [email protected] i can answer more questions


lisa - February 3

i doubt she's pregnant, you probably wouldnt feel pain 2 days after, and if she does, it could be either cramps, something she ate or maybe even nervous pains from being stressed. Then again, there is that chance that she could be, but the pains are not a guarantee. leave another post once you find out...good luck :)


cristy - February 27

well she should just incase take a test just to check but most likely after s_x the first time u might miss your period or get it late but if your really worried take the test


kijua - March 1

Hi, I believe anything is possible. I got pregnant just by my now husband c_ming on my v____a instead of in it!


Concered mother - March 3

You guys sound too young to be having s_x. She could have an infection. Keep this in mind, if a girl has s_x before the cells on her cervix are mature (around 20) the bacteria on your p___s could contribute to the development of cervical cancer. She should see her could just be cramps too.


unknown - June 15

is it possible for my girlfriend to get pregnant if she's still a virgin?



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