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nikole - July 23

Im 17 and my boyfriend has came inside me a few times.... when can i find out if im pregnant? he doesnt want a kid and he told me if i got pregnant i would to get an abortion, cause it would ruin his life, but im against that. help???


Meagan - July 1

I don't know when you can find out, because I am also 17 and thinking I'm pregnant, but if you are, do what you think is best for you and the baby. Your boyfriend should have known that if he wanted the responsibility of having s_x, then he wanted the responsibility of having a baby. Don't kill the baby because of something you and him did. Sorry I couldn't help about when to find out though.


dashly - July 1

you can find out if your pregnant right away if you go to a clinic and get a blood tet done. you could also take a home pregnancy test but you would have to wait till after youve misses a period or if it comes late or irregular. and please, dont do something you do not wish to do. your boyfriend can NOT tell you what to do. its your body and an abortion can be hard on a girls body. i understand what your going through-my bf told me i had to get an abortion but it wasnt something i could do so i decided to keep my baby. he left but i know i did the right thing. having a baby wont ruin a life, just make it alittle more difficult at times.


melly kay - July 22

if u can hold out to see if u get a period, if u dont get it on time go get a test asap,and if u are and u want to keep your baby u can it is your baby too it may end the relationship, or make things hard but you will have time to plan, so do whats in your heart, best of luck


Jen - July 23

a__suming you are not pregnant i have something to say. if the two of you aren't using protectioon when you have s_x, you need some help. That's very stupid! You're only 17 and having unprotected s_x with your boyfriend? What are you thinking. Have you ever heard of s_xually transmitted diseases? You have no idea how many other people he's been with. Not only that but if he's not usaing a condom with you, he probably didn't with other people he's been with. If you were both virgins then you should still use condoms! don't be dumb, what makes more sense? do you want to be healthy and not pregnant? it's a no brainer


Candy - October 20

I don't know you. But my suggest to all of you young ladies, who's out there having unprotected s_x is not cute at all. I hope you really think about what you are doing to your body.What, you need to do is pray to God, so he could help you.



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