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chulitojaguar359 - January 17

OK, the other day me and my boyfriend were fooling around and he was taking forever to get off so we had un-protected s_x but he pulled out right before. I ended my last period on New Years Eve and we had s_x on Sunday the 14th, and I was curious if it's possible to get pregnant from pre-c_m. Please IM me with any answers. My parents don't know we are having s_x so IM me at deathtoall1991 or email me. The email is my username at hotmail please. I would really appreciate any help you give me because me and my boyfriend are terrified. Please and thank you.


Julie23 - January 17

a__sumeing your period lasts 5 days and your cycle is a 28 day cycle you would have been most fertile from Jan 6th till the 11th.... So you may have gotten lucky and missed your fertile time. You can get pregnant from prec_m, and the pull out method is not at all even a diecent method of birth control, I suggest that you guys buy some condoms. I hope everything works out, don't worry about being pregnant yet just take a test If you don't get your period by jan 29th or so.


chulitojaguar359 - January 17

OMG Thank you sooo much, more answers are so helpful.


Crystal Star - January 18

It is possible to get pregnant from pre-c_m. Hopefuly, you got lucky since you werent fertile at the time you had s_x. Test at the end of this month or the beginning of Febuary.


tyler0323 - January 19

it does depend on your ovulation, and unless you know forsure when you o'd, i wouldnt count pregnancy out fully untill your next af arrives.


Megane - January 20

My husband and i dtd but he left it in on the 14th and my lmp was Dec 27th too. Before that we were doing the withdrawal method. I say there is a chance of pregnancy for me b/c my cycles are sometimes long. I dont know your cycle length, but if its 28 days then you already pa__sed your ovulation. If you did not ovulate yet or ovulated around that time then there is a chance but its very small.



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