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Pattty - March 14

im 13 and me and my boy friend had s_x last sunday. Well over the week i noticed my stomach begaining to gain a little bit more but my period ended on march 3rd.. And im totaly freaked out..We used a condom but I am not on birth control and he did not c_m inside of me he pulled out all the way..That night after s_x I did take a nice long hot bath to let me soke..And my boy friend has a really big p__s and It hurts me when we have s_x..And now i get these sharp pains in my lower stomach..But could my stomach mean that im getting ready to start another period becaus ei usauly gain a little ounce of fat before i start..I am scared but affraid to tell ask my parents for help.. I have been coughing and stuggling with sleep. Could this be because I am scared..I wake up coughing alot in the moornings.. But urination and eating has been normal.. just so scared..He said if where ok then no more s_x until im on birth control..Its just hard for me to even think about this


Jennifer - March 14

I don't think that would would be pregnant, if he had a condom on and pulled out, then you should be fine. Your stomach wouldn't get bigger in just 1 week. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and am just starting to get a belly. I hope that this helps you, and just a word of advice, if you are going to be s_xually active, you should really get on birth control, you are really too young for a baby, but if you are going to have s_x, then you will have to pay the price.


Z - March 15

You can not show that early in a pregnancy, let alone barely see what's going on under a microscope. If you are not feeling good, you SHOULD tell your parents, you are just going to make yourself feel worse in the long run by keeping it in. You are really way too young to be having, but if you insist, the best thing to do would be to get on birth control. Having a baby is not a good option at that age at all! I am 21 and I still feel a little unready. Dont stress so much and be honest and open with your parents, believe me, it helps.


J - March 17

I have been in your situation before. Same age same pains, same fears. I am now 29 years old and I wish Icould have offered my husband a better s_xual history. I had many boy friends that I thought I loved and the reality is that in the next 5 to 10 years your life will change so much you wont even know this boyfriend. However if you are going to have s_x, go to planned parenthood and they will place you on the pill with out notifing your parents. But the best solution would be if you think you are old enough and mature enough to have s_x then be old enough and mature enough to talk with your parents. My mom first found out I was s_xually active when I became pregnant with my first child at age 18. Do right by your self this guy should like you with or with out s_x if he the real thing. J


shay - March 19

girl i knw it migght b hard but u need ta go to tha doctor!!!! or talk ta yo momz


Tish - March 20

You are really young and this can be why you are hurting after s_x. I really think that you are too young and should seek some advice from a responisble adult about s_x.


J - March 24

If you're afraid to talk to your parents, go to your school counselor or nurse. He/she will have information on counselors/hot lines/mentors in your area who are required to keep your conversations confidential, but will also be able to help you, by giving you adult advice. I'm not advocating that you keep this a secret from your parents - I think that you should tell them. But, I also know that you're 13, and when I was 13, there was no way I was going to tell my parents anything, and if I had told them I'd had s_x, they'd have quite literally killed me.


justin - March 24

patty i think you need to not have s_x. your way to young to open your legs to a boy. be smart ant wait till your older... if you want a baby i will buy and send you a cabbage patch doll... to play with.MY TREAT.


mimi - April 20

i am 29 wekks pregnant, i been coughing hard. any solution please?


A - April 20

I dont think you should be having s_x your only 13 that could be a very big reason why it hurts you so much youre body isnt ready for you to be having s_x, just because you have your period doesnt mean that you need to have s_x.


ni ni - April 23

i believe that you are fine


Mimi - April 26

Just from your remarks, you are too young to have s_x! Were are your parents when you have s_x with your boyfriend?


yo - April 26

linda- where are your parents at? s_x= pregnancy if you arent very very careful, or stds. that att_tude is not conducive to a bright future for you. I think you should reevaluate your life and determine if completing high school, going to college and getting a good job mean anything to you. b/c if they do, then it will be A LOT harder to accomplish those goals with a baby in tow. BTW...think of your parents, and what their reactions would be if you told them you were pregnant at the age of 12, not even a teenager yet. Their reaction would probably be a nightmare, so safe yourself the from the possibility of ruining your life; abstain from s_x until you are much more mature and capable of taking care of a baby.


Daria - April 27

You are not too young to have s_x. But you should protect you if not want to get pregnant.


Linda - April 27

I love to have s_x and I know how to protect myself. Don't worry!


ewrre - April 28

wtf are men doing on pregnancy websites harra__sing and corrupting young girls?! get off of here you perverts, people like you disgust me!


13?!?!?!?!?!?! - April 29 have a problem here...first of all..the condom thing...good choice...BUT...when i found out i was pregnant i had these same symptoms...and i used a condom...go get checked and make sure you're not or else its not gonna matter if you get birth control or not because you're already gonna be pregnant.! well let me know the results...good luck...UR ONLY 13 you shoudlnt even think about having s_x yet!!!



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