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PBOK - June 7

i dont kno if this is normal and want to kno if anyone has heard or had this before. i just got off my regular period (although it was a bew days late) about 8 - 10 days ago and now it came again! what does this mean .. before i had no normal signs of my period but now my br___ts are sore and i got it again im soooo confuseed! plz help thank u !


PBOK - June 7

also i am not on any birth control or pills or anything and the blood is light right now and i havent had s_x since the 12 of may and i dint think i was preg or anything cuz i had gotten my period ... plz helpp


PBOK - June 8

Plz does anyone have advice im really scared


val - June 8

can I ask how old you are? If you are a teenager that might have something to do with it. When you had s_x, was it protected? You can still get your period when you are pregnant. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test anyways, just to rule that out.Might I suggest something also. If you are s_xually active and are not ready to have children, you should be on birth control. You can visit your local planned parenthood and they can give you the pills for free and everything remains confidential between you and them. They do not have the right to share your info. with your parents. Of course that's if you are a teenager otherwise you wouldn't really care.Let me know if you have more questions.


PBOK - June 8

yes i am a teen and no the s_x was protected and the condom did not break and he puled out and we checked after to make sure there were no holes or anything so we didnt think it was that ,,, do u have any other advice ,,, thank u for what u sayd i appretiate it


Sadf - June 8

Don't worry, I don't think you are pregnant. Sometimes people especially teens tend to get their periods more than once in a month. It can be due to stress or some other factor. To be on the safe side u can take a pregnancy test but seeing the precautions that you have taken, I don't think there is much to worry about. Also about your breats being sore, I think you are just thinking about it too much and that could be the reason you are just worried. I hope everything works out for you. Goodluck!


PBOK - June 8

thank u so much for ur answer... some people that i kno are suggesting it might be a hormonal imbalance or something to do with my thyroid but i dont kno and likie its really heavy now its like puddles but only wen i go to the bathroom then there is more so i dont kno its weird that this is happening i was jus scared that i was pregnant cuz although i took sooo many percautions its always there in my mind since this has been happening


to pbok - June 10

I would probably seek a doctor's opinion if it's something that doesn't regularly happen. that way you know for sure, instead of just speculating.



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