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HELP - January 15

here's what happened: my girl and i tried doing it for the first time (she's still a virgin).. i'm sure i had pre-c_m right before doing any insertion... i tried inserting my p__s twice and each time only lasted for just a couple of seconds... also, my p__s did not went all the way in, just to the point where the hymen is.... after that two times, we stopped.. in other words, we didn't actually continue to have our first s_x because it was too painful for my girlfriend getting her hymen ripped... it has now been 2 days since this happened and my girlfriend was in the 3rd week after her last period..... and lately, she said she feels a little pain on her lower belly... we're really kinda worried about her getting pregnant... can somebody help us? we need opinions... how much possibility can she get pregnant out of this?


Cathy - January 15

The pain she is feeling is most likely to be ovulation pain which means that is is very possible for her to become pregnant even though you didnt c_m. You should never ever have unprotected s_x unless you are purposely trying to conceive a baby. The odds of her being pregnant are small so you might have got lucky this time. I would advise that you wait to see if her period arrives. If it is a week or more late, do a test. If it still doesnt arrive she should have a blood pregnancy test done at the doctors. Your girlfriend should start taking the contraceptive pill AND you should use condoms. No contraceptive is 100% safe so you should use 2 types of protection at all times, comdoms should be used all of the time because of the STD risk. Your girlfriend is a virgin so is unlikely to have an STD but ALL women grow thrush in thier v____a and cyst_tis in thier urinary tract, if she has a flare up of either you could catch them. These are not serious and are easily treated but they are not the most pleasant things to have. Please respect yourself and your girlfriend by using protection everytime, even during oral s_x. Good luck!



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