HELP Question About Abortion

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student - May 2

i am a student at a northeastern university and i am doing a research report on abortion. i would like to get candid views on abortion and why you feel that way. thank you!


.... - May 2

I think all you'll find here are a lot of really extreme views and people preaching at you, but here's my view. I was brought up to be pro-life, attended rallies and right-to-life marches and all that. I had really strong feelings against abortion. Then, two things changed my mind. First, in the last couple of years, there has been a real increase in child abuse in the city I live in. I constantly see young parents on the news who have shaken or beaten their infants to death, or even cases where children have been starved to death or kept locked in a closet. Obviously some people are not meant to be parents. Second, I had my own baby, and I realized all of the ways that it changes your life, and how hard it really is. I still don't believe that abortion should be used as birth control. I think that birth control should be made more available, even to preteens, and that schools should be teaching s_x ed that really educates the kids. If you read some of the questions on this website, you'll see how ignorant our young people are. Parents need to educate their children, too. I plan on taking my daughter to get birth control as soon as she starts getting periods. I'll tell her also about treating her body with respect, and about how much more special s_x can be with someone you care about, but I'll make sure she has birth control in case she doesn't listen. If we educated our children, the need for abortion would be greatly lessened.


student - May 3

any more?


.... - May 8

Try posting your question in another category, like "General Pregnancy Questions," and you'll get more responses.


wonder - May 8

i feel that abortion is the right of any woman it's there body and there decsion. i might be pregnanat now and if i find that i am i am going to get an abortion. ican't give the quilaty of life to the baby that it deserves right now. in my life. i'm 23 and just fiished school and started my career.My boyfriend isn't stable and i use b.c, i didn't plan for this if i'm pregnant. what's most important is the quialty of life. that is what more people in this world should be thinking other then pumping out babies because they get pregnant.


Just say no! - May 9

Abortion is murder. That's about the only thing that needs to be said about it. I think that it's a very selfish "way out" for irresponsible girls who don't know how to use protection! There is always the option of adoption and if women can't handle or live with their mistakes, they shouldn't be having premarital s_x in the first place. Basically, abortion is definitely wrong and it should be illegal!


wonder - May 12

to just say no!, women get raped everyday by men on the street and within there families. you think it is easy rasing a child that was forced on you? abortion isn't murder!!!!!! it is a powerful right that every women has.


to wonder - May 12

abortion is murder,havent you ever heard of the morning after pill which can be taken upto 72 hours after rape! theres no reason for abortion.


to student - May 13

havent you seen the abortion debates on the teen section??????? whats your views?


to student(again) - May 14

student my arse you are,you dont even have the decency to post back,you just wanted to start yet another abortion debate!


Wanda - May 17

If I were you, I would look on the website, for actual stories, and then for the other side, I am sure there are a host of websites hosted by the no choice folks.


Celia - May 20

Abortion is wrong. no ifs ands or buts about it. I am religious and i don't even stand for the stupid if it kills the mom or may harm the mom then it's okay to abort. it isn't okay. if god wants the mom to die, then simply put she will die. abortion or not.


t - May 21

you will regret what you do right after its wrong its not just an embryo it is a human being your killing part of your self that didnt ask to be here.



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