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worried0114 - March 15

ok...I'm very frustrated. trying to figure this out by myself. since i asked a nurse at a hospital but she couldnt answer me hopefully someone here can. Ok i had unprotected s_x on dec 24th.. with a guy i was talking to, he never came in me but he always came on me or on the bed...but as soon as i got home few hours later i took the plan b pill 12hrs later i took the second pill. then on dec 27th or 28th i got my period (as expected).. then on jan 10th i went for a check up they gave me a pregnancy test which came out negative. i dont know if it was because it might have been toon soon. but the test was still negative. Then i ended up getting back with my exboyfriend on jan 13th then on jan 14th we had unprotected s_x and he came in me completely (which was meant to get me pregnant). Then now that i think about it a few weeks after i started feeling tired and didnt have the moods to do the usual things i did. then on feb 21th and on i had gotten sick and started having cravings. and yet i hadnt gotten my period for the 2nd time. So i got a test it came out positive. but when i went to the doctors to find out if it was right they told me it was but that i had conceived around dec 31th. this is so confusing, because i was on my period by then, and on jan 10th the pregnancy test i took at the doctors came out negative. but how can i have been pregnant on dec 31th? please help me. who is the father??


skylersmom - March 17

i would say its your boyfriends...the one you meant to get you pregnant.


AlissaF - March 20

The drs told me that I have conceived a week earlier than the date I know I did. Mine was a one night thing so I am positive on the conception date. Many times they give you different dates based on your horomone levels and development of the baby. I wouldn't be too worried. It sounds to me like it is your boyfriends.



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